Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We're Back from Tennessee

OK so be prepared for picture overload!!!!!! This is going to be postings about our vacation which was a great time of renewal, but also some challenges and growing for me.....which I will explain later. These photos are not really in order, but some of our vaca pics are on the laptop....so this is what I pulled up for today's post.
Matthew trying to be like daddy in skipping rocks....
Sarah's big smile on command :)
Daddy playing with the kiddos in the river
Awww......we always have lots of helping hands with the little ones.....
Can't get enough of this smile!
So if you are saying----where is Dawn? Why is she not in the river??? Yes, well that is a great question.....it's called I don't like swimming in water that is about 60 degreeish range. Yep, say what you want, but I was on the shore holding Joanna & playing with her. Taking pictures, and watching from the nice sunny hot shore. I did dip my feet in a few times though.
At Laurel Falls early one morning. This was a shorter hike of 2.6 miles round trip. When we first got there- we were the only ones there. This is a really popular place though, and we went first thing in the morning.

Yep, our little girlie got to experience the backpack- which has been used by 6 of our children....some more than others :)
In front of Laurel Falls....awwww....so cute!
This was the view outside our rental cabin for the week- BREATH TAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is definitely more to come....and as I catch up on my blog reading.......unpacking, cleaning, working, and setting up to start homeschooling again.......I will squeeze in some more :)


  1. Wow, the scenery looks beautiful. And the children look like they were having loads of fun.

  2. Amazing View!!!!

    Awesome pictures. Looks like a great vacation...

  3. Looks like you had a great time! Beautiful photos!

  4. so that's the part of the trip we missed..great pics...come on..now I want the pics from our house..i know yall got better ones than I got :)!! kj

  5. look how big joanna's getting!

  6. Love the pics!

    You know I've always said our husbands are a lot alike. Well ... they have THE EXACT SAME SWIM SUIT. Oh yes! Gotta LOVE those American flag suits. Our teen boys have one also, that has been passed down to younger teen boys.

    too funny!

    can't wait to see you all!

    please pray for me as I drop my sweet hubby off at the Phoenix airport tomorrow morning and head out for the rest of the trip with just the kids. Deep breath ... 3 weeks and 15 states to go ...

    Laurel :)

  7. Love all of the pictures! Looking forward to seeing more of the fun (especially your visit with the Johnsons--I know they have a huge house, but still--where did everyone sleep?!?!) and reading about the renewal, challenges and growth part, too!