Friday, August 27, 2010

Visitng The Johnson Family & lots of other adoption friends too! LOADS OF PICS!

Joanna here- OK There are like a million pics in this post.  So if you love cute pics of adorable children- myself included - YOU WILL LOVE THIS POST!  If you love larger families, adoptive families, and great times then you will love this post.  You see we went to visit this family they Johnson's my mommy follows Kristi's Blog.  Their cutie pie Lucy was from the same orphanage as my brother Jonathan- are you keeping up with me here?
Anywho- this crazy family said sure your family of 10 can come stay for an entire weekend.  While we're at it lets invite several adoption friends over as well just for fun.  Hey over 20 children in the house both Saturday night and Sunday night- why not?  I mean children are a BLESSING right?
All right mommy get on with the one million pics already which only took an hour to load- not even joking......
 Here is Joshua giving his- really another picture look

See the above - yeah this is there really really fun backyard.  with a little house to play in, a zipline for kids, swing, sand box, playground, man- we should move here :)
OK so these two were inseparable all weekend.  Where you found one- you found the other.  Talk about a cute couple :)
Hey, mom look how cute Lucy and I are.....well you know especially me......
Yep, mom still me looking gorgeous.....yeah, and that is Lucy in the new friend- but shhh don't tell her.......
Yeah- so she is a real drama queen, but in a very cute sort of way......
OK Lucy you just got to post like this....and tada- cuteness....come on I have seen your mom's blog you've got the cuteness.....go with it girl.
OH yeah....who needs a pool?  Not us that is for sure.  Their driveway is wayyyy too cool.  I mean 2 spigots of water fun....loads of fun tubs to dump, refill, even sit in.  Who could ask for more?  Then you have a hose, a little ramp with a car, firemen's hat, and you have it made!  Really!!!  It was a blast and most of the weekend- this is what our kids did :)  

Well.....and this - which is also great fun :)
Well....then you just add a few more children to the mix......
Look 4 All God's Children International adoptive mommies and their cuties (oh yeah the one without her cutie yet traveled last week to go pick him up....oh yeah- big bunch of cutey pie!!)
The Johnson's Family who we stayed with that have 5 cutie pies to play with
Now these are some really fun families :)  Thanks for hanging with us!
Oh yeah, and we can't forget this awesome family- with their cutie pie Macy - hhmmmm.....what are they doing?  Who knows, but look at how cute they are doing it!  Macy's daddy has written an awesome adoption book, and we can't wait to buy a copy!!!!!!  Again, awesome heart for God's children :)
Jonathan:  So hey cutie, did you know we were in the same orphanage at Hannah's Hope in Ethiopia.
Lucy: that a line you use with everyone?  Cause I am totally unimpressed.
Jonathan- no really you are cute just let me stick this toy on your head........
Or we could put it on your arm.......
Or.....ummmm........did I mention you are cute?
Lucy- Ok my mommy doesn't let me date it is time to leave me alone please.
Jonathan- ooopppps sorry. 
Now this is more like it more pictures of MY cuteness.  I mean after all I am the youngest.  I was fought over by these to wonderful people.  And you know I am worth it.  I mean look at my eyes and tell me I am not the cutest thing ever? 
Ok folks....sit right back and let us entertain you.  You say you want to pay good money on going to the movies, or a broadway show- aw shucks don't waste the money .  We have a show that is free and much more fun.  I am talking some serious fun, and full of beautiful children.  Who needs anything else?
Now look at our crazy mommy....yep that is her being silly.......
OK yes that is her eating a rice krispie bar on the trampoline as she bounces.  That is some serious talent.  he he he he he - I mean isn't she wondeful?
And that would be Jonathan who wanted mommy to jump and bounce him around.  Hey, made him laugh :)
So as if having 12 children 10 and under isn't enough fun.  And having our guest over on Saturday....well we invited these crazy fun Jesus loving, adoptive crazy families over on Sunday night :)
The Oatsvall's  &  The Mayernick's  Who have this incredible ministry of supporting and caring for orphans.  So you can go here   147 ministry store  and get really cool gear to show how much you love orphans & feed them while you are at it!  Now the craziest part of the night is between these four families there are 26 children......and yet while talking they burst out in laughter saying- yep can't wait to see who else God has for our families.  Yep that is some serious craziness....for JESUS going on.  I mean why would we let the fact that we have larger families already stop us from adopting more?  Don't let those minor details get in the way!
So the next time you think.....well we have too many children to adopt more....yeah just look at these smiling faces and know- there are more out there that NEED HOMES, FAMILIES, and you shouldn't let small things like buying a 15 passenger van (which is what 3 of the 4 mom's drive- don't be too envious Kristi your day is coming) get in your way.  Because children are a BLESSING and a GIFT from the Lord.  That is what my mommy repeats to herself all the time :)
OK so one last picture- with the cow from of course Chick Fil A on our trip home.  I mean who doesn't want to take their pic next to the cow?  he he he he :)

So there you have it.  Meeting and staying with the Johnson's - a huge highlight of our vacation.  Meeting other adoptive families - BONUS!!!!  What a beautiful blessing to share in the experience together. God has blessed us all beyond imagination.  Thank GOD we didn't miss the journey!   Are you missing yours????


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