Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Smoky Mountains

Loved having picnics at the National Park.  Everyday we picnicked somewhere in the Smokies :)

This is what we got to look at all week........does it get any better than this??  I mean how can you not believe in Creation when you see this.  A creation by a God who loves us so immensely that He created this all - just because............

This was one of the old school houses ....although we hiked a little ways to see this (about 1/2 a mile there) we didn't hike near what children used to have to hike to go to school.  He he he he- of course my kids don't hike anywhere except from their bedrooms to our dining room to go to school now.  Which we had our school orientation today- yep on a Saturday.  Our kids were very excited!!!  They LOVE school....and although we home school year round it is much more relaxed in summer because I have a lot going on with camp stuff :)

Along many of the trails they have these cute log crossings.  This one happens to only be a couple of feet above the stream, but some are higher, and made a bit nervous.  I did try not to get to tense about it....although my tendency is to freak out completely get a little stressed from time to time.

Look it's the little white church in the woods :)  We actually used to go to a church like that when we lived in Iowa.  Which sadly this summer burned to the ground. Caused by lightning....broke my heart it was over 150 years old- New Sweden United Methodist Church.  There were plenty of churches in the Park area, but this was a view from a very little traveled road that exits the park. 

Risked our lives taking this picture...ok so maybe not really.  It was a bit nuts though.  It is a bridge from the "back entrance" of the park, and this little bridge which wobbled with every passing car was fun.  However when people zoomed passed the crowds of people scurrying around to get to picnic areas, hiking areas, etc.  it was a little crazy.  (Joanna is in the back pack :)

One thing I really loved it that fact that we had 2 levels of decking at the house we rented at the very top of the mountain ( I am sure it is only considered a really big hill but if you are from Louisiana- it is a mountain).  Every night the kids do their reading time before bed....and then devotions with daddy.....they loved going to this deck to do it.  Who wouldn't the view was simply AMAZING!!!!

This was the view from our bedroom in the loft.......

The boys with Joanna- look Joanna is cute!

Our precious angels awwwww....

This was Cade's Cove area.  What a gorgeous place!  The kids LOVED running around the pasture area.

OK this has become one of my new favorites of Joanna and I....doesn't get an cuter than this!  I mean I love when she is holding my face.....and yes she opens her mouth wide open to give kisses....he he he

Awwww......she loves her daddy!!!!!

The kids had a great time running and playing hide and go seek....notice Matthew isn't with the "olders"....that is because he has outsmarted them and is laying down quietly in a patch of grass on the other side of the rolling hills.  Scared me to death when the kids were like we don't know where he went......I did realize however that there were very few people around.  Yet my heart did jump pretty quickly.  After we spoiled his hiding....made me laugh that he was that crafty.

Yep, look at this daddy's shirt..... He has definitely chosen a path less can get one of these shirts at

This is daddy's kiss later on when we were at the house.  Awwww...
I know it is driving Kristi Johnson insane that I haven't posted pics from our stay....but they will come....after at least one more post of the Smokies :)

Love this time of year when we get to "start over" with school.  I love the feeling of a new year.  I guess that is my teacher's heart.  Trying new things, and using a lot of old things that worked really well.  Love getting to know my children more through our classes together.  Love seeing their eyes light up as they get to try new things, or when they learn a new skill.  Can't wait to see what this year just never know.......


  1. I love watching baby Joanna grow! So insanely sweet!!!

  2. We honeymooned in TN and we haven't been back since. You are really making me want to go back! It is so beautiful there. I am so glad that you all got to get away for a wonderful family vacation!

  3. The pasture picture looks like the opening scene from 'the sound of music'... hehe

    LOVE national parks. LOVE THEM....

    Amazing pictures.

    We started the homeschool year this week. We also school year round... love the new-ness of fall- full of promise.

    God Bless! kelli

  4. You guys just have too much fun together!

  5. Look like a LOT of fun.

    And ... we are EXCITED to have fun with your crazy family this coming week. Yeah!

    :) : ) :)

  6. I also love the one of you and Joanna! It is super sweet!

    I think I'm going to order one of those t shirts that you husbands wearing for my hubby. Love it!

  7. this looks like so much fun!! and the babies are beautiful too!

  8. Love all the pictures - gorgeous! So glad you had such a wonderful time together!

  9. I LOVE baby kisses!!!! So slobbery yet SO wonderful!!!

    It looks like you had a lot of fun! Those views are breathtaking! All part of God's amazing creation!

  10. Could you email me your phone # and directions to your house. Lost all contact info. for the bloggy friends we are visiting. Oh my! Not good!

    Still planning to stay with you this Wed. & Thurs. night. Hoping that still works for you all. We'll be driving down from Dallas area on Wed.

    :) :) :)

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  12. Gorgeous pictures! What a beautiful place! Love the baby kisses and thinking how my girls would have an absolute blast running through those meadows! And Joanna is getting so big! Wow!

  13. I can't believe how big she is getting!
    Glad you had a great vacation :)

  14. Love his shirt! Can't wait to buy one for my own husband.

  15. Love this post~ just really,really awesome!