Monday, August 2, 2010


So what are we celebrating???

**Remember that urgent adoption situation for the cutie girl from China- yep Her Family Found Her!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That always makes my heart happy :)

**A precious bloggy friend of mine had some children that became children of God- What more could you want???
- quick prayer request for them...they got a surprise donation to help her and a couple of her children to go home (she hasn't been for 3 years) and the passport for one of the children has expired- they make the 8 hr journey tomorrow to prayerfully get the passport renewed. Praying for the favor of God over this situation :)

**We had a little under 300 campers this summer, 21 gave their hearts to Christ for the first time, and 43 rededicated their lives to Christ- YEAH!!!! HEAVEN is a BIG CELEBRATION!!!

**We have ended our official "camp season" and are entering into our "retreat season".....which means we are going on vacation :) YEAH! We are headed to the Smokies!! Guess what??
We get to meet up with The McCoy family!!!!! On our way to the Smokies....
Then after we are hiking for the week...and relaxing.....
we get to visit Johnson family (as my kids all say- the Lucy Lane family :)
While we are there we get to also see: the Peter's family
an praying the Oatsvalls and more too :) YEAH!!!!!!

**And we also get to see our bloggy friends are coming later in the month as well- they have come to visit before- and we REALLY MISS YOU!!! Can't wait to see them :)

Awww....our sweetie pie- first feed with daddy....yummy mushy cereal.....

Look she is sooo yummy in a bowl.....

Mommy what is this want me to do what with it....plaster my face? ok....
Yeah- I'm not buying this is yummy must be crazy. I mean I know other people say you are....but now I believe it.
Ok I will try a tiny bit of it.

So new talents- she likes to lift her hands up and feel her hair. So cute. Will have to try to get a picture of it. She now likes to eat the mushy baby cereal. She loves her little bouncy seat. She still giggles with delight and smiles a lot!!!! She of course loves being held- all the time :) Where have the 4 months gone- they flew right by.......

So the other day- just a silly thought. We were thinking that when Joanna is 10 Abigail will be 20, Andrew will be 18, Joshua 18, Matthew 17, Sarah 16, Elizabeth 14, and Jonathan 13- hmmmmm 6 teens in our home at once....anyone want to start chipping in for car insurance??
As opposed to the many that say- that is crazy- what are you thinking- we are looking forward to it. I know I know - you will all say that we will change our minds. The problem is I can't imagine not loving my child just because of some difficulty. Hasn't stopped us so far, and won't because they are God's - we just get to love them!!!


  1. That is a lot to celebrate!!! What a wonderful camp season with all of those decisions for Christ!! Enjoy your vacation! By the way, I know you will enjoy having all of those teens in your home. I did;-)

  2. 6 teens!?! Yikes! I hope your still blogging then to see what life is like then! I know it will be easy with great kids like yours! =)

  3. Wow! So excited about the little girl from China! (and all the rest, too!) Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  4. I haven't been able to blog as much lately. I can't believe you've had that little peanut home for 4 months already! Love the new family photo!

  5. Yay on that girl and her forever family! What amazing news!
    Can't believe how big your little princess is getting already...time flies.

  6. It is so nice that you are getting to meet up with some adoption/blogging families!! I love getting together with other families that share our passion and love of adoption! Enjoy your time away!

  7. Every time I read your comments on my blog I say to myself, "she is so sweet." And then I read your blog post :-)

    Revival in our house. Elyssa asked Jesus into her heart on Monday--with tears streaming down her sweet cheeks!

    Thank you Lord.

    P.S. We will have 9 teenagers at one time. Glad daddy has the farm, those boys are going to be farmin',
    Hugs from the Center {of Uganda},

  8. That is definitely lots to celebrate! I can't believe how big Joanna is getting!!!! Incredible!!!

  9. Well one benefit of lots of teens is the financial aid for college!! Huge blessing
    for the college budget!!

  10. The year that our 6 older kids were all teens (ages 6-19), we also had 2 "extra" teens living at our house ... in addition to our 4 younger children. So, we had 8 teens living at home, and we LOVED it!

    :) :) :)