Saturday, June 5, 2010

Joanna explains pre summer as a camp director's baby

So this is what happens when you are so tiny and cute. I mean I look so adorable. And look at my mommy's smile :) She is the best
I am a little worried about the picture above: thought there may be too many beautiful women for one pic! I mean especially the cutie mommy is holding, but the rest are pretty adorable too!
Here is me after a few minutes of being in the pool I am tired....I mean I really need my beauty rest to keep up on my cuteness factor right? Someone has to do it.
I can't wait to be old enough to play with my fun sisters!
My biggest sister is AWESOME! Mommy keeps telling her that she is getting too old and too tall. Did you know she wears the same size shoe as mommy now? I want to be just like her!!'s ok to enjoy my cute body rolls. Aren't they yummy!
So daddy had a great time with the kids building this castle while mommy was with our summer staff doing training.

Yep, check out more of my beauty...really it's ok because I am made in the image of God.

Here is the finished product. I think of it as my castle- because I am a princess you know!
Here is me holding up my head, but tummy time is NOT my favorite. I would rather be in mommy's sling or daddy's arms.
This is a picture of my fan club. They can't get enough of me.
Yeah, bring it on. I love the attention. I mean they spoil me rotten. Who wouldn't want 7 screaming fans? All to yourself is good :)

So being a Christian camp director's baby has some advantages like hanging out at the pool! That is a huge bonus. Getting passed around to all the staff members who make cute noises at you. And mommy says campers are coming soon....and I will get even more attention :) YEAH!!

The only harder part is right now- mommy and daddy have been really, really, really busy. Really for over a month now they have been doing a lot with Bible Studies for summer, answering phone calls from other mommies and daddies sending their children to camp, doing maintenance projects, mowing, cooking, cleaning, training staff on archery, rock wall, ropes, homesickness, being a team, lifeguarding, first aid, cpr, rules and regulations on pretty much everything, worship leading, and loads of other things too.

I personally can't wait until after next week because then mommy will be home a lot more. I mean not that hanging out with daddy is bad, but you know I like having mommy home. I miss our "school" times with my sibs and doing all our fun activities. You see once staff are trained and campers are here mommy gets to have a more normal schedule.

I think you will like it too because she can blog more :) So just pray for us as our whole family is a little crazy. It will all be worth it though daddy & mommy say because we get to tell so many campers about Jesus! Did you know that our camp gives scholarships to sooo many foster children too? Which is AWESOME!!! I mean that way all those children that so many forget - get to hear about how much God Loves Them!!! Doesn't get any better than that!
More pics with my adoring fans. Have to please the ok take another pic mommy it's ok with me.
I know I know- I am soo cute. You see I never get told that or anything around here...he he he
So I pray your day is wonderful. I hope you will join us in prayer for the hundreds of campers that will be here this summer, for our summer staff, and for God to touch all of their lives!

Joanna Faith Wright :)


  1. What a very blessed life you lead little Missy!

  2. She is so cute...of course they are all adorable. Blessings,

  3. What a darling, precious little Princess! Praying that you all have a very blessed summer camp season!

  4. Hi Joanna,

    Thanks for the update. I'm sure your mommy and daddy have been very busy, so I hope you can take a few minutes now and then to let us know how life is going over at your summer camp (if you can get away from your adoring fans).

    Love the castle. Definitely made for a princess like you.

    Tell your family that our crazy family is wanting to plan another Road Trip ... because we have GOT to come meet the princess.

    Love you all!!!

    Laurel & the gang :)

  5. I want in on the fan club!!!! ;)

  6. She is getting so cute. Well, she always has been so cute but now she's bigger-cute!!

  7. Dearest Joanna,
    What a delightful cherub you are! Thanks for the commentary on your life as a Camp Director's kid. It actually sounds quite wonderful of course, all those admiring do you handle it?! LOL!
    No wonder, you are absolutely beautiful! I'm sure mommy is missing her Joanna and mommy time lots now and is counting down the minutes until she can snuggle those sweet cheeks all day.
    Know that our family is praying for your family and love your castle too! How cool is that?!
    Much love and big hugs from the Lease family!

  8. I love seeing all the family pics! When I see all of you frolicking in the pool, I want to trade lives. I think, "That has got to be the greatest life ever!" Then I hear about all of the work you do and I think "Hmmmm.... maybe not." hee hee

    Thanks for posting even though times are very busy!

    Much love,

  9. Joanna is absolutely stunning...of course all your kids are....beautiful pics, totally beautiful!! xo

  10. This is seriously THE sweetest post!!!! Can your family get any MORE precious??? ;)

  11. Your little Princess, daughter of the King, is absolutely adorable. And quite expressive :D

    I hope the camp kids have a WONDERFUL time! I would love to volunteer if I were in the area.
    Rest is coming soon, in the mean time, don't burn yourselves out Mom & Dad :D

  12. Like the blog; LOVE that castle! Must've been a school project and they did AWESOME with it!

    Praying for y'all to have a blessed summer!

  13. Cuteness overload! :)

    Love your family! Such peace in all the little faces, and big ones too! :)

  14. OH MY WORD!!!Joanna faith is just too darn yummy! And the rolls?? love them ! You guys are so blessed it is crazy good :):)