Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cute kid things

Matthew feeding Joanna.....awww
Joanna hang time with big sis. So Big sis how's it going? Missed you last week when you were at camp! Glad you are back!
So you will remember (or go back a couple of posts) that Abigail's adoption day happened while she was at camp....so we opened presents on Saturday instead. This is a bag that you color the front of- she loved it.
Books of course and bead animals that you make (key rings).

So I was just tucking in the kids......and what does Jonathan say- Joanna is tinker bell.
The crazy part is that he used to call me tinker bell.....I think I am demoted?

Then I went in to tuck in Elizabeth and she said - Can you put Joanna on my pillow. (I think she just likes to have her sister on her pillow?) So when I did she grinned from ear to ear and started cooing and jabbering. Then she held Elizabeth's finger. You should have seen Elizabeth's face. She was sooo EXCITED & Happy!!!! (Still think that having more children will be a burden to the siblings?)

New things Joanna is doing......she is pulling her weight...as in when I set her in her car seat she is flexing her stomach muscles. Almost looks like she is doing a sit up? He he he- better her than me!
She loves to jabber and coo.
She loves to laugh & smile- a lot - which makes me very happy....because you can't be upset when you look at her face :)
She loves to stretch, and fling her feet and arms around all over.
Oh yeah, she loves to grab too. Watch out hair! She likes softer objects better, but grabs anything.
She does NOT like tummy time at all!
She does love holding herself up with a small amount of help to sit, or even to stand.
She loves little baby songs...you know the ones that come out when you press a button on a baby toy. She loves the little mobile on her crib (now).
She eats every 2 hours during the day about 4 oz. sometimes less. From about 6:30-7am ish to 9 or 10pm.... BUT she is sleeping through the nights- YEAH!!!!!!!!!! For my sanity in these summer months :)
The most amazing thing about Joanna is that her story just blows me away- Still. After 3 months (tomorrow) I am still in COMPLETE AWE of how she came to us. The whirlwind that happened that day we got the call, and staying up all night to scan and e-mail our paperwork, and filing out the new forms.......the wonder of God is NEVER dull at our home.

Also- take a look at the donations on the side!!! YEAH! We have saved up as much as possible and we have had some donations too! Very exciting!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! To all who have donated and prayed with us on our crazy continuing journey. Until all children have a loving home we have sooo much to pray for!


  1. I love reading about your family! You guys are SO amazing, and your children are beautiful.

  2. So precious...each and every one of them!
    Much love!

  3. Joanna is geting so big and she is just adorable!
    I loved catching up on your previous posts! THe pictures are super cute!

  4. so awesome! I am in awe of God working so amazingly on your behalf too! Joanna has a beautiful family. I agree with you btw, about the siblings... people say, they won't get enough one on one time when you have s o many. But I think they do. They form amazing bonds with mom and dad AND their big sibs. I just found Olivia's journal. She asked me to look at the family picture. She drew one of each of us and labeled them. Then there was a blank circle with a "?" above it where the name should be. She still hopes.

  5. Too adorable..your kids are so great. Love the updates!

  6. You have such a sweet family and I love keeping up with y'all. So glad Joanna is sleeping through the night. That helps a ton!

  7. fun to hear about the family!! I love Joanna's story too!!!

  8. I love it! :) What a gift she is. Love it when God's plan comes together ...He's amazing isn't He?!

  9. Recently found your blog. You have such a beautiful family in so many ways. I just went and read the story to Joanna, what an amazing journey.

  10. Joanna is so precious!!!!!!!