Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer schedulee & tidbits about camp

So THANKFUL!!! We have had more donations to our adoption :) It has really helped!

I LOVE BEING BACK in a schedule- think I mentioned that last post.....so here is my summer schedule:

6am Getting up to swim (need to get exercising again & swimming laps is my favorite! I usually try to do a mile)
6:50- Home to wake up kids
7:45- head to our dining hall (a few minutes walk from our home)
8- Breakfast with campers & staff
8:30- Prayer time with staff
8:45- head home with kids to do HOMESCHOOL :)
10:15- put on suits and head to the pool (also a few minutes walk from our home)
11:15- get out of the pool & pick up pool toys
11:30- quick shower
11:45- head over for lunch at the dining hall
12- Lunch with campers & staff
12:45- head home for nap time/quiet time for the kids - which means the older ones do self directed learning- reading, writing, educational computer games, worksheets...
For me- work time & my quiet time with God
3:30 - Jason & I quiet time when he returns from work (sometimes later)
kids outside to play for a while, sometimes we do crafts, cooking, cleaning etc. after they come in. Sometimes we will watch about 15-20 minutes of a movie???? Sometimes I have to do more work- depends :)
5:15- head over for dinner
5:30 Dinner with campers and staff
6:15 head home to get ready for bed
7- Daddy does devo's with the kids & story time
Bed time (older kids stay up until 8- our rule of thumb those that are 8 and older stay up 'til 8)
10:30-11 In Bed

Yes, we take up a whole camp table with just our family. It is a REAL BLESSING to have food paid for by the camp for the meals we cook :)!!!!!!!

When I say we go over for meals I mean- I help get the singing grace going, and then we sit and eat family style. I love it because we don't have to stand in line to get our food, and LOVE the fact that so many children who I am guessing never get to eat as a family- get to experience it for a week.

I also work in the evenings as needed. I try to keep it down to a minimum, but answering phone calls, e-mails, cutting checks, figuring finances, preparing staff Bible Studies, and lots more- has to be done sometime. Especially when you have those homesick parents....but I think that could be a whole other post, for real. I also connect with the staff every meal time (we do have our assistant Sarah who helps with this and directly oversees what our staff is doing throughout the day) to make sure situations are handled correctly etc. Of course hopefully they remember staff training and make good decisions- which they usually do :).

So in there somewhere- I also of course have to take care of Joanna- yep, still in my sling most of the time. She does like to hang out on the blanket sometimes to be cooed over :)

Jason & I also lead worship 2 times a week. Which means Jason plays keyboard and sings, I sing & preach. (We have a staff member come to our home to watch the others sleep and spoil the baby). Then of course on Thursday nights Jason makes our famous picture CD's. We take pics all week long- at the end of the week put them all on a disc and copy it for those who ordered one. So between deleting all the fuzzy pics, and copying the cd's that is what we do for fun on Thursday evenings :)

Jason does ALL food service- so he is at the dining hall every morning by 6:30-7 am and gets home- well sometimes the staff do dinner on their own and he gets home around 3:30-5ish. So he orders from Sysco, and does Walmart/Sam's Club trip every week as well. In addition he does a lot of maintenance- you know helping to mow our whole main camp- depending on how fast it grows & how much rain there is etc., fixing equipment, weed wacking, filling in ruts from people who drive across the grass, that toilet, etc. The blessing of having some staff that sometimes can help is great, but not always practical. Of course he also has to work in the evenings as needed.

So there you have it my summer schedule :) I am liking it!


  1. Wow! Busy busy, but sounds very fun too!

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  3. Wow! I'm just fascinated by the fact that your kids are in bed from 8 until 7 in the morning! :-) And the thought of "eating out" for every meal is rather appealing (I'm currently burned out in the "what to make for dinner" area).

  4. You do stay very busy! I am ready for bed just reading all that. :) I know you guys do a wonderful job and if we lived closer my kids would go to camp there, for sure!

  5. It is so fun reading about your daily life, because I've BEEN THERE. Oh yes! It is a wonderful and beautiful place, and you are AMAZING camp directors.

    LOVE the family style meals. Not only is your family BLESSED by being able to eat with the campers. But, also, the campers are BLESSED because they get to see such a beautiful example of what a godly family is (something that I'm sure a lot of campers don't see at home).


    Laurel :)

  6. Whew! You are amazing! Love the visual testimony your family is without saying a word. What a blessing!
    Much love!

  7. SOunds like fun. AND a LOT of work!! Wow!! :O)
    We just dropped one kid at camp yesterday. Its a christian camp near us and they do 2 weeks of foster kids... which Im super excited about!! I cant wait until she gets home to tell me all she has done and learned!! The older one goes next week and she is very nervous.. but I know excited too!
    Madi also goes to a christian camp for foster kids in the end of july. Last year was one of the most amazing things for her... she loved it and we were so blessed by how those wonderful people LOVED her so fully for a week! I cant wait till she gets to go again!!

  8. It sounds so exciting! I loved my childhood days at summer camp. I always thought it would be cool to live there all time. :)

  9. You are one busy, hard-workin' mama! But it sounds like you're right in your element! I grew up loving summer camp-such a neat line of work you're in and conducive to homeschooling and fun family time, too! So cool! Would love to read more about your specific camp.

  10. Where do you get your energy? You guys are really fired up, the camp sounds like a great place to be. I look forward to hearing more about it. Take care!