Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cute Memories- from Jonathan

So today we had a day off- AMAZING! So of course after church, and a nap (which I REALLY NEEDED)- we went to the pool. Had a blast hanging out.

So Jonathan wanted me to swim with him and as we were talking and giggling.
He said - he was mommy's boy.
I said- remember when mommy and daddy first came to get you when you were in Ethiopia? You didn't want mommy then- only daddy. But now you are mommy's boy.
He said- yes.....I cried when you came, but now I am a happy boy!

So there you have it. ADOPTION MAY BE HARD, but with a quote like that- melts my heart :) Praying for so many friends that are leaving or have left- that are picking up their children right now! OH YEAH!!!!!!

Pray with me for these families who will have lots of transitions ahead: some may be easier, but a lot may be hard- really hard. They know that, but isn't it wonderful for the family of God to pray over our brothers and sisters in Christ as they experience the miracles, and hardships of God's GIFTS!!!!!! PRAISING GOD FOR ALL OF THE CHILDREN WHO GET TO COME HOME TO A FAMILY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also PRAYING desperately for a family that has adopted 6 children & have 10 all together! One of their daughters has had a really really really rough transition. They COMPLETELY BELIEVE THAT GOD IS IN CONTROL, but know they need to find help for their daughter. Read more about them here.....

PLEASE LIFT THIS FAMILY UP!!!! This Thursday they have a court hearing and everything needs to go well so Eden can go to the ranch where they specialize in helping children that have been adopted internationally cope. HOW AMAZING IS THAT! If you want to help them support their fund raising to finding EDEN- Every child is worth it!!!

Oh, and this next week is our last week of summer staff training......excited....knowing it will be long, but oh so worth it!!! (See Joanna's post below for more information).


  1. My heart goes out to Eden's family. I have a son who has been in a home for troubled youth for four years now. He was just home for a four day visit and did well but I don't see him coming home to live again.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Praying for all! :o)

  3. Will say a prayer tonight for all families and yours. God bless.