Thursday, June 17, 2010

Abigail's 8th Adoption Day Today!

Happy 8th Adoption Day Abigail Marie Wright! Oh what a beautiful young lady you are....we praise God for you daily!!!

I mean look at that smile- does it get any more beautiful. Let me tell you this young lady is compassionate, responsible, loving, caring, smart, beautiful, helpful, and a JOY to have as our daughter. Abigail means source of joy and when we named her that- She PROVED it to be true.
Look all of us in the bed- get in tight or we might fall out!!!
At Shenandoah National Park - hiking of course :)
When there was only 5......
On a plane to Iowa.....
What only 3- Look at their adorable faces....
The day we got to come home with Andrew- Does Abigail look excited or what?
She has the cutest little baby face :)

On February 3, 2001 we got a phone call to ask us if we would be interested in fostering a 14 month old baby girl. The termination hearing was supposed to be in March (he he he- well you know foster care it wasn't in March). There was a possible last minute biological dad- after 6 weeks of getting the test done- it finally happened, and we finally found out- he wasn't. Then after a grueling interview that made us almost lose our minds. Racial slurs from some social workers. A brother born and not placed with us until 7 weeks later. Transition time from her former foster home to ours. 45 minute trip there and back 2 times a week for Biological Mom visits up until her official adoption........

June 17th 2002 We got to go to court and say- YES we WANT to be the parents of Abigail Marie Wright!!!!!! Never forget the feeling of when you first become a mommy and daddy- officially! We were over the moon.

You know we have people come to us all the time saying your children are all so beautiful. I say it's Abigail's fault. I mean who could follow that up? So they all had to be adorable!

To my sweet daughter I am so proud of you and who you have allowed God to help you become. My greatest desire for you is to follow HIM and allow HIM to guide your footsteps. I know HE has BIG PLANS for you :)


  1. So precious! She is just beautiful.

  2. Abigail is BEAUTIFUL! Happy day, indeed!

  3. She is so beautiful! Happy Adoption Day to the Princess!!! So glad she's yours!

  4. Love, love, love, love the Wright Family! Abigail is just the perfect oldest sibling of this mighty awesome crew. Happy Adoption Day, sweet girl!

    Love in Jesus,

  5. Happy Adoption Day, Abigail!!! What an exciting time, full of wonderful memories!

    Praying that God would continue to bless your family...abundantly!


  6. How Exciting! She is a beautiful girl with fantastic parents!

  7. What a beautiful girl!!! Happy Adoption Day, Abigail... you are loved deeply!

  8. Happy Adoption Day, Abigail!! Your parents are so proud of you. God bless you!

  9. Did Jason make and decorate the cake? What a guy!

    Watch my blog ... there is a post coming up (tomorrow I think) that just might mention your manly man, and the fact that I told my husband that "real men make laundry soap".

    :) :) :)