Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jonathan's 2nd Birthday!! (Last Sunday) pics are backwards....oopppss. So this is daddy dishin' out the cake.....
This is Jonathan saying yep, I guess daddy was serious when he said this is your cake?
Jonathan staring daddy down- are you want me to eat that? Shouldn't that be in the corner of the room in the cat's area???
Oh yeah, look at that yumminess....the terds are the best part! Daddy loves making this!!!!
Jonathan is enjoying his new toys, books, and us making a big fuss over him!
Look at the shear joy on his face- Happy Birthday baby!!!! This is the first birthday we have had to spend with you!!!! How awesome is that! We love you baby boy!
Why do you have that camera in my face at this hour of the morning. Well, sweetheart we have to get up early to open presents, and eat breakfast, and get to church (45 minutes away) all by rise and shine honey!!!

It is a privilege to celebrate your birthday baby. I just pray for your other mommy and her family. I am sure today they are thinking of you too. I pray they know how much you are loved, spoiled, and prayed over. It is just such an honor to have you in our hearts and in our home! We love you!!!!


  1. Oh.My.Word!!! on that cake! Now, THAT's original!

  2. OK, I'm a bit confused. Why the cat poo cake? Don't get me wrong, it's halarious, and very realistic, but WHY? Oh, andcCan I send a copy of the picture to cake wrecks?

  3. I don't mind if you send the pic is called kitty litter cake. It is 2 cake mixes- chocolate & yellow as well as crushed cookies with food coloring, pudding, and of course tootsie rolls. I guess my husband the master cake maker around here- he loves to be silly....and you see the result. It is just for fun!!! Our kids love it!