Sunday, July 5, 2009

Joshua's Birthday- last Monday

Happy Birthday baby boy- who is now 7- where have the last 4 years gone? When Joshua came to us he was going to turn 3 in a he is 7, tall, handsome of course, strong (really built!), smart, loves to read, loves all "boy" things including dirt, bugs, creatures, swords, cowboys, etc.
The look on his face- I think he liked it!
Grandma Wright loves to do fun cards... and here is one with Joshua driving....thank you Lord I have some years before that is actually true!
Oh yeah, books are a standard gift for every I got him some that he would love about snakes and spiders...and yes he loves them!
The kids playing in the car (our 15 passenger van on the was to San Antonio....this is what we did for about 6-7 hours for the travel there.....
What is that look Jonathan????
Stopped at a rest area for picnic lunch- and cupcakes (by request) for Joshua's Birthday! Staff were with us too....
Daddy & cute together...
Matthew and Sarah...yes they are allowed to stand on the cannons...if fact the lady giving the speech/tour of the Alamo- encouraged them to do so (this would normally be totally against the Wright rules, but she said they I let them).
Some of our summer staff and our family of course........outside the Alamo!
Here we all are on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. It is a fun below street level "river" that you can tour, walk along...and there are lots of restaurants, hotels, and shopping is a fun area very close to the Alamo.

So Joshua enjoyed his day...and we enjoyed having fun too!!! Just can't believe he is already 7...the problem is he looks so much older already!!!!

Have I mentioned that I just love my family!!!! They are such a true Blessing & I am honored to be a part of who they are!!! Praise God for adoption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Praise God indeed!!! Happy Birthday big boy!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Joshua!!!
    Looks like you all had lots of fun! Our family loves San Antonio too and we usually go every year (we are about 8 hours away).

    What an awesome family you have!!!

  3. I second that...Praise God for Adoption....AND, happy birthday to your cutie boy!! kristi

  4. my husband and I are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary there!! A day at Fiesta texas, a day at the water park there, and lots of time to relax on the riverwalk, and around town! Really looking forward to it! Glad your beautiful family had a great time! Where do y'all live? He are in DFW

  5. WE are in LA- near Lake is about 6 hours to San Antonio from here....about the same to DFW