Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun With Worship Team

Here are the adults....chatting know solving the world's problems and laughing about our kids and what all parents go through.....
And all of these are just pure kid fun in the pool!!!!

Try to relax have been working too hard...
Is that our youngest just walking off the diving board........
yep, and he loved it! Look at that smile!!!
Elizabeth- afraid of nothing!!!

So all of our children had fun as we had fellowship and fun as well. So GREAT worship team party by the pool. What a great way to be a family of God. Love it!

Hope all of our Blog friends are having a great summer too!!! Tonight is the last night we have campers here. Very strange reality. Friday night & Saturday morning we say goodbye to our wonderful staff (as well as have a family reunion Saturday too).

Then we have to round off all the bits to be done before we leave.....

Next Tuesday we leave for Florida to visit family (near Tampa). I am sure we will post more pics then for sure. Can't wait to see them all they are amazing.

Happy summer memories!!!

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