Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Loads of Sea World Pictures from our trip last week

Shamu says.....Hello everyone...here i am........
Hey, don't forget me....I am cute too, and you get to pet me, and you feed me fish.....
Our 2 babes waiting for the others that are big enough to go on the rides...sorry, you will grow up fast enough. Good thing mommy brought snacks for us to enjoy while we wait!
Wow, look at him jump!!!!!! Can we bring him home and put him in our pool???
OK so Jonathan was not so happy to see the "live- person" version of Shamu, but the real thing impressed him!!!!
Look at that face. This is my "cheeky" face. The one my family fell in love with in my referral pics.....oh yeah- look at this!
The Sea Lion show is hilarious- silly jokes, but lots of fun!!!!
Going down the river with staff and kids....
I love this huge guy.....he is so cute- ok in a weird sort of way.....
Our kids enjoying the show......
Looks like a great life to me...can I come....
Wait, are you saying I would have to eat this? Maybe I won't join you after all.........
Look at those beautiful children!!!!!!!!!!!! How could I be sooo Blessed???
Awww....look at those 2....so cute- keep your eye out for them though...maybe both eyes!!!
Love the little Shamu ride!
More river ride fun....
That's my little man! How cute is that?
Oooops got that backwards.....this is where you get wet......

This is them waiting to get wet.......

This is the AMAZING Viva show with black & white dolphins, and the beluga whales, not to mention the incredible trainers themselves who do water ballet, and incredible dives themselves. Love this show!!!! So much fun and the kids love it too- no matter what age.

We always have a great time at Sea World...mostly because we love the shows with the animals, and the cute rides, and the family fun. What we don't love is people who don't seem to think they need clothing????

Anyway, we love our staff and taking them on a trip is just part of what we like to do for them. They are wonderful to work with!!!! We of course get some family time in the summer too....which is limited.

Back at camp and going strong for another month of camps. Serving God, helping to lead others to know God, and growing as a family in Christ. It doesn't get any better than that!!!!!


  1. Shamu is my favorite!!! I LOVED that show! ;o) And feeding the dolphins, that was a dream. HOw great that you were able to take the staff with you. Blessings

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! I LOVE seeing the pics of all you together!

  3. What a great time you had!!! Love all the pictures!

  4. i was checking in on Lucy Lane and stumbled on your blog. I had to check it out when I saw "Are all those children yours?" How often do I hear that one! You have a beautiful family! Best wishes!