Saturday, June 27, 2009

Relaxing Day!!

So our day today.....was fantastic!!! It was relaxed with play time for a bit, breakfast- later than normal, then packing for a picnic lunch at the pool (while Jason did loads of laundry to catch up), then we headed over to the pool....and swam for several hours!!!!!
They have really loved the swimming lessons that we have been doing lately, and as with anything- you have to practice!!! So we did.
Daddy & Jonathan are chillin'
One of the great benefits to working at camp! Although you are crazy busy in the summer...on those rare days get to use the pool to yourself!
Andrew in mid air!
Daddy & Jonathan going down the slide!
Abigail our star of the show...and her siblings behind her!
They love their new goggles!!!! Look at that smile!
Abigail...where are all the noodles??

Well, as you can see even though we have done swimming lessons and our kids are doing great...with 7 children (and the oldest being 9) we still require lifejackets if they are in water that they can't touch in. I have been a lifeguard for way too many years (about hmmm- 16 or so). I know it only takes a second for something to happen, and I choose to enjoy my time in the pool. So that is how we do I can have at least some sanity :) a very rare thing in our household.

Tomorrow is Jonathan's 2nd Birthday, and Monday is Joshua's Birthday. Since we are leaving early Monday morning to go to San Antonio- Sea World (taking some of our wonderful summer staff with us for a mid summer trip)....we will probably give Joshua his presents tomorrow afternoon so he can enjoy them. They aren't the kind you can play with in the van on the 6 hour trip there.

So if I don't post pics before...I will when we get back! Enjoy worship time tomorrow!!! I know we will!!!!!


  1. FUN!

    Love the pool noodle picture!

    Have fun at Sea World!

  2. Looks like you had the entire pool to yourselves-that rocks! With our 6 littles, we only go to zero entry pools-SO MUCH EASIER to keep an eye on them. Now, if I just had one in my backyard! Have fun at SEA WORLD!

  3. Wish we were closer to San Antonio, I would love to meet you guys, but we are 3 hrs, and it sounds like you will be busy having fun! Happy Birthday everyone!


  4. Looks like you all had a wonderful day! Hope you have a great time at Sea World--we just love that place!


  5. Oh have fun!!!! What great pics of the kids in the pool. ;o) Love it. Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

  6. I agree with the life jackets when there are so many kiddos to keep an eye on. It only takes a second.
    Have loads of fun at Seaworld! And Happy Birthday!!!