Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Camp Directors' Lives

So I thought I would blog more about our camp lives....since it is not a ministry everyone thinks about, but it is dear to our hearts. This week has been our biggest yet- 80 jr/sr. high campers! We are a small camp, but for us...this is pretty big. God has an awesome way of bringing who needs to come to camp here.

Jason and I love leading worship together- we both sing, and he plays the keyboard. I love worshiping with my husband - he is a great spiritual leader. However, he doesn't do the whole give a sermon or even sermonette thing. But I on the other hand love it!!!!! I really feel God has Blessed me with a gift for HIM. I love sharing parts of my life, experiences, and stories from Scripture with others. So we lead 2 times a week and our wonderful staff lead 2 times a week- so we all get the chance to be in the background and lead as well. Our staff are talented....and if not they just do what they can anyway. We love doing skits either to songs or things we pick up from wherever.....and they do well. This year we have a skit to "Give me Your Eyes".....and I love it!!! I love the song, but seeing what they came up with.....hits home!

The best part of the night is getting to have the campers write down their prayer requests.......wow that opens your eyes! You thought your life was hard? Not even close! That always brings me back to the reality of why we are here. Why God created camps & retreat centers.

We love what God can do through camp- break down barriers that Christians are boring, heal hearts that have been sooo broken by the world, and to really show campers that there is a way to live that can be sooo different that what they see on the tv.

Our main scripture for the summer is Romans 8:39 "Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to seperate us from the love of God through Christ Jesus our Lord." Of course I recommend reading all of Romans 8 - one of my favorites. Our theme- I WILL NOT BE MOVED! There is a song we use by Natalie Grant with the same title.

We are talking about the fact that even when the world rages on past us that God is our firm foundation, our solid rock, our fortress, our shelter, our shield, everything in one. Because of that we can't be moved- by bad economic times, by stress, by drinking, by cutting, by abuse, by lonliness, by unfaithfulness, by our sins, NOTHING can seperate us from God's LOVE! Praise God for that!!!!! Think about it...when we sin....God still loves us.

So a story about Joshua....yesterday he got in trouble (which is actually rare for him). He was really rubbing it in to Andrew that he had broken his newly created lego toy. No idea why, but as I was trying to read my Bible in my room- I could hear him shouting it! Anyway, after I came and talked with him about it....he didn't stop. So into our bedroom he came- and we had another chat. He knew I was serious now, and he knew he was wrong. So after some thinking time and prayer....he apologized to Andrew. And then he did something that made me cry.

We were actually on our way out the door to go over for lunch at our dining hall...and I saw him sneak over and put something on my computer desk....it was a colored picture with the words I love you mommy- love Joshua. It just reminded me that when we sin, and we come back to Christ....and ask forgiveness....He always is faithful and just and forgives us. He is like I was yesterday saying- that is my child. He is forgiven, and just wants to show me even more that he is going to try hard. I love him, am proud of him. WOW my heavenly daddy must really love me a lot to keep taking me back!!!

When those storms of life rage.....and they will.....I (WE) WILL NOT BE MOVED OFF THE ROCK THAT IS OUR FOUNDATION!!!


  1. what fun ... i had no idea you had a camp ... i feel completely blessed to have a hubby who also loves worshipping and he doesn't mind sharing the word a bit too ... what a fun time you must have had as so many grew closer to the Lord !!!!

  2. What a great ministry. I love it!

  3. Oh my. I can see why you cried. What a sweetheart.
    Sounds like you have a great message! Praying for you and your staff as you continue to do God's work.