Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Elizabeth Anne Wright

So this is our baby girl....she is of course spoiled a lot! When she first came to our home...she arrived the evening before our BIG OPEN HOUSE at the camp in May! When the social worker called at 10:30pm she said she wondered if we were still interested in taking her...as we already had her siblings in our home. (Of course in my opinion why would they have even let her go home from the hospital is beyond me!!! I guess I am just concerned whenever abuse happens around children, call me crazy!) Of course I said yes- we have always vowed that when possible we would want to keep sibling together.

She showed up on our doorstep about MIDNIGHT! Jason didn't even get up....and when he came home the next day after our open house was over (we had a sitter for the day come)....he didn't want to hold her. WHY you ask? Well let's put it this way. We had been hurt soo much through the last couple of years with the case so far that our "cuts" were almost unbearable. I think I just didn't care at this time....I wanted to hold a baby :) I am after all a mother, and what mother doesn't love to hold a baby? So it took a bit of coaxing and prayer, but he held her that day...but still our wounds were sooo deep!

When she was finally removed she was 5 1/2 months old. She was born on Christmas DAY, and we got to meet her a day after she was born in the hospital. Oh yeah, took all 5 kids with us, and the bio family in a tiny hospital room. It was great fun! Hey, what can I say I got to hold my precious baby the day after she was born!!!!! I would never trade that for the world. Of course, Joshua only cared about his baby sister, and went into block out his bio parents mode when we were there. Can you blame him?

She is our little spastic child. You may say...oh she is just 3 1/2 years old, but I say...she is the noisiest child we have!!!! She has the sweetest voice ever!!!! She can sing almost any modern Christian song by heart, and she sings it well! She will be singing and not even realize it. While playing, while running, whatever...she is singing! She has a smile that is very intense. Like when she smiles it is with her whole body!

So as for the whole case...it is just continued from Joshua and Sarah's story. She at one point was going to be separated from her siblings, or her and Sarah put in the grandma's home, there were just too many ups and downs to even count. The best part about Elizabeth is that none of it really affected her- she was simply too young to care what was happening which I think is a HUGE help to her. She didn't know about all of the crazy court cases, the racist CASA worker (who didn't want our children placed with us because we were "white"), the visits - for all she knew she was being babysat by these people every week. Praise God for that!!!!!

I can not express how truly AMAZING!!!! It was when the judge said that Joshua David Wright, Sarah Joy Wright, & Elizabeth Anne Wright- will forever be a part of our family! There are no words to describe that moment. Although we fought, cried, screamed, and had sooo many emotions over all of our childrens cases.....this was by far - THE WORST!!!!! So when that moment came- it was a big chunk of HEAVEN ON EARTH!!! Our hearts were overjoyed!!!! We took the whole week to celebrate!!!! And it even happened the week of Easter!!! How perfect is that? Wow, God really knew that is what we needed. After all those many, many, many, many times of saying God we can't do this anymore. God this is toooo much for us. Our family can't handle it. I can't handle it. God granted us peace & JOY beyond any measure that I can compare it to. I just thank HIM every day that it is over, and that they all are a part of our family!!!!!

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  1. Good grief! What a journey you have been one. Praise God your children are yours for good. God has blessed you in your faithfulness.