Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jonathan Caleb Wright

So this is our sweet, shy, and for now quiet little man who turns 2 at the end of June. We were matched with Jonathan on August 14th, 2008. The crazy part is that God's plan once again was not the easy adoption we had pegged it to be.

You see after going through 3 years of crazy torture with Joshua, Sarah, & Elizabeth (you can see their posts under their names for more information)...we decided to do an easier adoption than go through the foster care system - again. So we decided on All God's Children International, and sent in our initial form the week after finalizing their adoption. (Normally you would have to wait a while, but since Joshua, Sarah, & Elizabeth had been in our home for years...we had an exception). So we signed up hard can it be right??? **Hey, I know some of you are laughing, and so am I!!!!

So we get working on our dossier, but within a couple of weeks we see this picture (correction...I saw the picture, and God calling us to take Hannah Grace Wright- you can see her post to know the rest of her sweet, sad, and happy story). So we booked it on the dossier...I mean we were done with everything in a matter of weeks- EVERYTHING DONE!!! Keep in mind we are camp directors and this is our busiest time of year for work, but hey, we had motivation!!

Then our sweet angel passed away...just a week before her court date. After praying about it, we were told we could be put at the top of the list again- and we did...and we got the above picture of our sweet baby boy!!! Is he an angel or what? I mean look at that cheeky type face. We knew it was meant to be. Not to mention his birthday was on June 28th...a day before our Joshua's birthday. Now one would think that with 7 children our birthdays and adoption days would be spread out...wrong!!! We have Adoption day for Joshua, Sarah, Elizabeth in March - which is not close to anything...then between May 4th-July 31st we have 5 birthdays, 2 adoption days, and our anniversary. Then between November 8th- January 6th we have 4 Birthdays, 2 adoption days, Christmas, is crazy!!!

Did I mention we had to wait until December 27th to meet him....oh yeah, got caught in the whole courts shut down for a month and a half...then they reopened...created a new government agency thing....and we failed court 2 times before we passed because of his court date in Ethiopia was December we then finally flew out December 26th- A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to US!

So the above pic is the first time we met him. I didn't know whether to scoop him up, or cry, or what?? Crazy isn't it? You get to see your angel for the first time you are a mother of 6 other children...and yet God holds you speechless, and you can barely think! Amazing what God does through our beautiful children!!!!!

Come to find out he didn't really want to have anything to do with me at all....he kept crying at me, and the other wonderful children at HH kept taking him to his special mother. But she was so great! She kept interacting with both of us...saying mommy and pointing to me. She was smiling from ear to ear when I finally coaxed him into my arms as we toured HH.

Of course that whole experience...I'll save for another post (s). But, isn't it strange....we think our lives will go one way and then out of the blue God says nope...this is my plan for you. We were so devastated over the loss of our Hannah Grace, but we would have never had our Jonathan Caleb. How amazing is that?

In all being a mom (& dad) of 7 is crazy!!! But we wouldn't want to give it up for anything. Our home is bursting with love, crying, singing, playing, learning (we homeschool too), teasing, tickling, hugging, arguments, God's Love, praising, holding, praying, and so much more I couldn't possibly write it all down. So when people do you do it? My response - lots of prayer, and to be very honest - LOTS of GRACE too! I still wouldn't trade it for the world, and of course....we can't wait to start the process again....later this year.....who knows where that will take us???


  1. I love reading the stories of how God placed each of your children together in your family! And, I can't help thanking God that through His timing and His planning not only did you become parents to Jonathan, but we also had the privilege of traveling together!

  2. Oh wow, this was a treat to read. It looks like our boys spent a good deal of time together (four months) and slept in the same room at HH. I have so enjoyed reading each of your children's stories!

  3. I am so glad you started today! I was a little nervous on how long it would take and if I could squeeze in all the things I needed to do into nap time but that all melted away once I got in and started reading! I am pretty excited about this!

  4. What a sweet little guy.
    My "baby" is two and a half, so he and Jonathan are right about the same age.
    We would love to adopt someday. We'll see where the Lord leads us.
    May the Lord continue to bless your family.

    Have a great day!