Monday, December 22, 2014

Having a real birthday celebration!

 We have now spent the last month greeting each other with Merry Christmas!  We have decorated our homes with snowmen, gingerbread people, Santa Claus, snow flakes, and lots of twinkling lights.  We have trees up and have rearranged furniture and made way for the extra crafts that have come home from church and school. 
 We have probably bought most of our presents already (or maybe that is just my OCD self) preparation for the big day!!!  Maybe they are wrapped and ready or not. 
 We have already spent some extra time playing fun games together with family and friends.  Having long talks about this last year, what we are doing now, and thinking ahead to the new year. 
 Chances are we have spent hours preparing food for the big birthday!
 Some of us have spent loads of time and made several batches of cookies- since it takes only a couple of days to rip through all you have already made ;).
 We have had some special moments with family and friends.  Greeting each other with hugs.  Reconnecting with people we may only get to see a few times a year. 
 We have prepared!!  We have feasted and will do so again. 
Some argue that all of this is a bunch of unnecessary money spent for a ridiculous reason.  I think we just need to ask ourselves one simple question.  Is this a real birthday celebration?

I mean for any person's birthday we gather, we make treats, decorate in their favorite Disney character, or favorite colors, we play games together, spend time talking together.  We love to reconnect with others for our special day.  The day we celebrate our birth.  We can't wait to open presents and see what treasures our friends and family have given to us.

So just remember- did you invite the person whose birthday party this is into your home?

It isn't a question of did you have fun with elf on the shelf this year.  It isn't a matter of if you give a gift on behalf of St. Nick.  It isn't a matter of did you get aunt Martha the perfect gift.  It is all about JESUS!!

Did you INVITE HIM INTO YOUR HOME!!  Into your decisions this month and every month throughout the year.  Is HE Really the Reason For Your Season?  For this time and place?

I am not as worried about "looking good" as I am about actually "being good" (a line stolen from a movie).  Sometimes my home does not reflect the love of Christ, and others it is everywhere around me!  Bubbling over in all I see.  In those moments I know WHOSE BIRTHDAY IT IS!  I know the reason for my existence and who I am serving when I sweep up tho next broken ornament or spend hours baking those favorite treats for those around me.

Praying to see more of HIM and spend time with HIS PRESENCE in our home over the next couple of weeks....and into our new year.   

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