Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy 12th Birthday Matthew/Happy Thanksgiving!!! It's now triplets week!

 Matthew turned 12 on Thanksgiving this year!  I promise it was just yesterday he fit inside his stocking! 
Happy 12th Birthday Matthew!!!! To my inventor and comedian! The one who used to fit inside his stocking! We are so proud of you and who you have become! Sharing your faith boldly and following after God! Love mom and dad 
 Literally took him no time to figure out his new marble run "roller coaster".  He loves seeing how things work and is great at figuring things out.  He loves marble run, electric circuits, baseball, math, and creating things!  
When Matthew was born he was born the day before Thanksgiving and we brought him home the day after Thanksgiving.  A wee little boy not quite weighing 6lbs. 
 Fun having everyone over for Thanksgiving- my cousin Heidi, husband Mark, daughters Makenna, Jessa, my Aunt Jane, and another friend Tara. 
 GREAT FOOD!!  What a great birthday bonus!!!!
 Loads of extra treats and a huge table filled with laughter and sharing stories and memories. 
 Matthew wanted chocolate cheesecake because he has excellent taste!  YUMMY!!!

 I love this age- well let's be honest I love every age!!!  Happy Birthday Matthew!!!
AND- this is the start of our triplets week which officially ended today (Andrew's birthday).  One week every year our boys are the same age!!  Look at all the handsome 12 year old young men!!  I wonder how in the world I got the pleasure of having this much crazy fun in one family?  

**Update:  we did have a good friend from church that capped off our water going to the leak so we could get- WATER!!!!  HALLELUJAH!!!!  Tomorrow we will have our home repiped.  Which of course is coming out of our wallets because our insurance didn't tell us we could do this in the first place.  So they will be paying for a new floor.  Stay tuned for that adventure (1,600 square feet out of 2,500 will be replaced over a 3 week time period) sounds ummm..... :/.

I went shopping Thursday as is my typical.  I got in a casual conversation with the lady behind us in line.  After ringing everything up - she said as I was pulling my debit card out she was paying for it.  My jaw dropped and I started crying and hugged her. 

MY FB status:  And then someone in the line at Walmart gets in a casual conversation with you and after everything is rung up pays for it. Giving her a huge hug and saying thank you doesn't seem like enough. She tells you it is what Christ did for us and she is passing it on. And you blubber like baby knowing full well God has reached down and physically taken form! ‪#‎realchristmas‬‪#‎itsallabouthim‬

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