Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy Adoption Day Matthew, Happy Adoption Day Michael, Happy 9th Birthday Elizabeth (from Christmas day)!! Other random Chritmas fun and December cuteness!!!

 Now just a warning there are many pictures that were out of order in our photos.....sorry ahead of time.  BUT enjoy the month of December, and then I can move on with the blog for 2015!!!!

 Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!!  Our Christmas present!!!!  9 years old today!!!!
 Turkey time!!!
 Happy Christmas.....
 Someone cute is getting into the cranberries....and she looks worried that I caught her ;).

 Putting together her lego sets!! 
 Merry Christmas!!! 

 We had visitors. 

 Summer and Justin are clients of ours with Mother Goose- wrote their honestudy and with Christian Adoption Consultants as well.  They are a local military family and we have gotten to know them as friends too!!!  Which we love!!!  Anyone who is brave enough to hang out with our family is always welcome. 

 Justin I think Jonathan is squishing you in the swing!  I think Justin got a run for the money putting up with all our crazy boys on Christmas!!!  Pretty sure he deserves something!!!  Oh and Summer is a photographer, and gave us a free photoshoot!!!!!!!  So we will be taking her up on that soon!!!!!!!  :)  Ready for some new family pics!!!!

 Peppermint ice cream cake- yummy!!!

 To our handsome inventor- Matthew!  Happy Adoption Day- December 23rd!!!  :)

 He loved his Knex set, aqua fish, and electric expansion set!!!! 

 Matthew wanted apple pie for his cake- YUMMY!!!!  My husband rocks and had some help from some of the kiddos too! 

 Oh Michael - as my kids say- some people think Michael can't give much to you, but he gives us smiles and laughter and love every day!  SOOOO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Happy Adoption Day little man- we love you to the moon and back!!!  Michael is learning to identify and pick out pictures. 

 He loves his new pegboard- practice stacking, taking them out and putting them back in. 
 And we wont' say who, but his kitty keyboard got broken, which was one of his favorite toys- so we replaced it and all is now well with the world!!!! 

 On with other December pics......

 family craft time.......
 kitty in a bag.......

 Happy Adoption Day Matthew!!!!!
 Somehow crazy pictures end up on our phone???  hmmmm.......
 These two.......just adorable!!!!
 Jason got a pancake thingy so he can squirt the batter out.  He decided to have some real fun!!

 Sarah and Elizabeth were in the Christmas production at our church!  My little adorable song birds!  So proud :).

 Me after placing another child with a family- I LOVE MY JOB!!! 
 Our Christmas decorations in our living room......

 Sometimes a daddy is just the best ever!!!!  JUST SAYIN!!!
 Doing some reorganizing in our home.  Ordered some new desks and trying to rearrange some things to make it flow and work better. 
My new home school storage for our dining area!!!  YEA- now my books aren't in with all the plates etc. :)  Much better! 

Hope your December was great!!!  Have a BLESSED 2015 - will blog more soon!  :)


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