Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Adoption Day Joanna!

 On November 22nd we celebrated the official day we went to court and said yes to finalizing the adoption of Joanna Faith Wright!  Her cake of choice- donuts!  Now for our family that involves quite a few donuts because of sheer numbers.  Great part is that daddy found a coupon so we got 2 dozen for the price of 1!  Yea for us, and everyone got 2 donuts with a couple of extras. 
 She got Arial book, Arial characters, Arial play castle, bracelet, and Frozen bouncy ball - thanks Joe and Lisa! 

 As you can see she LOVED her presents! 
 Joanna is a cute spunky little girl.  She has lots of cuddle and love needs.  She prefers mommy and daddy over anything else.  She is a little on the crazy side of life and we love it!  She enjoys Arial anything, loves to mimic her siblings, her favorite food is meat, and she loves her tea as well (calming tea for bed time that is). 

 Daddy and Elizabeth had fun playing with her.
 Maybe a little too much fun??
 But hey you have to have some fun right?

**Some extra prayers would be great!  Last Monday we lost hot water- so we called out people through our home warranty to fix it.  They replaced pretty much the entire water heater...still no hot water.

Found a leak in the floor the night before Thanksgiving.  Thought it was just the hot water....it wasn't.  That night water came up through the floor and Elizabeth came knocking on our door in the middle of the night to say that there was a huge puddle on the floor.

So we turned off all the water to our home.

Had them drill into our concrete- because we were told by the "answering service" for our insurance agency that we couldn't repipe.  Then they called water remediation.  Which meant we didn't have water and our home sounded like a huge wind tunnel for 2 days.  :(

Then the plumbers came and fixed the pipes.  Although we had been told by others- you may just want to repipe.....ok maybe in the next year we will.

Then Sunday morning all our water was gone and we discovered the busted pipes less than a couple of feet from the last leak- could hear it through the floor and the hot water was again drained and the water pressure was gone.

PRAISES- we have had someone give us a gift just because the Lord laid it on their hearts.  Thank you isn't even close to enough.  We also had the wonderful people who work at Michael's therapy place offer to bring dinner for the next week!!!  Again, we are speechless and sooo THANKFUL!

We are without water- picture lots of sanitizer, paper plates and bowls, plastic silverware, and several gallons of water bought at the store today.  We can also get bucket fulls of water (not for drinking without boiling first) from a spigot near our well. 

Let's just say these "fun" times are extremely stressful!  We are thankful for insurance who will hopefully cover some of the expenses....although not all because we still have to repipe- and they won't pay for that since the person told us to dig up the leak (during everyone else's Thanksgiving brreak).  So that is several thousands of dollars. 

We know God will provide!!!  As we speak we are having a plumber come to hopefully cap off the place where the leak is to maybe....just maybe have water to our home again!!!!!  PRAYING!!!!!!


  1. Hope it gets fixed soon and maybe isn't as expensive as thought. We can hope, right?

    1. Let's see we will have to pay $1,000 deductible and around $4,000 for the repipe. Then live through a complete floor redo :(. Other than that??