Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy 13th Birthday Andrew James Wright!

Happy 13th Birthday Andrew James Wright!!!! 

 Rip open the Dark Side Lego book- Of course because there is a Darth Lego figurine. 

Lord Of The Rings Lego Set.  Signifying in our home you are now allowed to watch Lord Of The Rings.  So Andrew has spent some time recently watching the first 2 movies so he could go on his special day out - with me to the movies to see the newest.

Michael looks totally unimpressed by Andrew's gift!  ;)  He of course got another Lego set as well- with a policeman of course since that is what he wants to be as he grows up.  How is it again that we now have 2 teens in our home?

He will now have to see the next 3 movies since this set is from the Fellowship of the Ring.  

Chocolate cake with a deliciously yummy Nutella buttercream frosting!!!!  

 13 years have flown by!!! 
 I remember when this young man was first "surfing" at age 9 months as he decided he needed to walk really early.  Just to keep us on our toes!  He has been doing that every since then ;).
 Triplets week is over and Andrew is now 13!!!! Happy Birthday to our Lego addict, bold leader, and compassionate son. We are so proud of who you are in Christ! We pray as you continue to grow in Him. That you will let Him lead you to do what He has planned. Whatever that is we know it will be great! Love mom & dad :). Favorite things: reading, Legos, history. Wants to be- a policeman. Welcome to your teen years!!
 So with 2 official teens in the home things may get interesting, but remembering before too long we will have 6 teens at once in the home - together......  ummmm....... we could use some prayers maybe?  He he he he....  I am sure it will be GREAT!!! 

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  1. Happy birthday Andrew!!
    We are off to Disney Saturday and Sunday!!