Thursday, September 5, 2013

School has started!!

 So this week school has started and for us that means- being at HOME!  I know it isn't for everyone, but for me/us- we love it!!!! 

**Today's pictures brought to you by- vacation time at Uskichitto Retreat Center :). 
 Oh why do I love homeschool?
1)  I get to spend my days with my children!!!!  NO I do not have more patience that you do- let me assure you!  Has God dealt with me on this- yes, but trust me he is still dealing with me on this.  I do my best to choose to enjoy my time with them.  I want to spend my time with them because to me having to send my children away 8+ hours a to say this......would RIP my heart out of my chest!  I think I would stop breathing! 

The funny part is I used to dream of working outside the home and not being a stay at home mom at all.  Yep, it's true, and the thought now seems so very foreign to me.  I think God likes to surprise us like that. 
 2)  I enjoy (along with my husband) getting to teach them about God throughout the day.  This is not to say you can't teach them if they go off to school.  It is a fact though that I can use many times throughout the day to teach my children grace, forgiveness, and about scripture because they are here all the time.  It is fun for me to come up with scriptures for us to memorize together, to read books about our Christian heritage, to teach history, science, reading, etc. through the lens of Jesus.  It is also humbling to admit to the children that when I make mistakes- I need their forgiveness too. 

You see I thought too that those who homeschooled must be crazy, or saints.  The crazy part I had down, but the saints part- nope.  Now I know that it isn't about not making mistakes, although we all have to strive to walk in God's will more continuously, but repairing them.  What a better way for my children to learn?  I love that I have this opportunity. 
 3)  I get to have a closer relationship.  With 9 children people ask me how do you form a closer relationship with so many children?  I mean time just seems hard.  Having them at home I get to continue working on that relationship and take those moments throughout the day to talk with my children about things, ask questions, and relax with them. 

I value that so much because I know before long they will all leave and spread their wings.  I want that time to get to know them as much as possible!
 4)  I want them to have a best friend network- within our family.  I don't discourage having friends from our community/church, but I want them to have people to relate to for the rest of their lives!  I want them to know they can depend on each other for support.  I want to encourage them to learn how to be a friend with each other.  To know how to work things out, how to make mistakes and repair them, how to pray with each other, show love to each other, and encourage one another- right here at home. 
 5)  We get to keep a certain amount of the "junk out" of our lives.  By that I mean on a daily basis we don't have to fight to keep what goes into my children's hearts and minds pure from the others.  HA!  We have enough junk in our own lives thanks ;). 

I have heard many people say that homeschooling is sheltering a child.  I think I like Michelle Duggar's response to this......(paraphrased of course).....when a tree is really young you plant it, shelter it, give it extra water and nutrients, even put posts up around it to help it stand up straight and keep the winds from damaging it.  That is a great analogy. 

(This was not said by Michelle Duggar ;).It doesn't mean that a storm can't still ruin your tree.  It doesn't mean that the tree will be perfect.  It doesn't guarantee that once the tree is bigger and more mature that lightning doesn't strike it down.  It doesn't mean beetles won't attack the tree.  It simply means it gives the tree a chance to grow in a healthy way.  That is what we are trying to do. 
 So those are a few of the reason we homeschool. 
Do you homeschool too? 
What are your reasons? 
 We enjoyed getting to rock climb! 
 This is Joshua after he broke records of how quickly he reached the top! 
 GO SARAH!  She is doing the hard side of the wall, and doing well :). 
 Hello Matthew! 
 Someone got the camera.....but isn't Jonathan cute?
 Matthew and his cool self! 
 Awwww.....Daddy and Joanna.......

Someone has suggested that I do a post on using Sensory processing in my home that will be coming your way soon ;).  Believe me I have a lot to learn, but I have learned a lot so far. 

Hope you are all having a great week!  We just started school, and have been doing the annual testing the last couple of days.  While I am here with the 3 that are testing - Jason has taken all the rest of the kids to Busch Gardens.  So that is what we have been up to! 


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