Thursday, September 12, 2013


 What a sweet angel Tara and Kyle and big brother welcomed home August 19th! 
 They started with Christian Adoption Consultants in February and within a month had completed the homestudy and profile.  They just knew God had a baby girl for their family.  After much prayer and saying yes they were matched with an expectant mother on July 8th. 

It is a wonderful story only God could create and when they were able to speak with the birth mother everything fell into place.  My favorite part of this story is this is a local family and I was privileged enough to get to do their homestudy and now their post placement reports as well. 

Which means I got to hold this precious life that God planted into this family!  Ahhh.....will not complain about that!  One day I think we will get to travel the U.S. and hold all those babes that we got to see placed in families!  A dream of mine.

A special memory Tara described just took a hold of my heart when we were visiting this week.  She described how when they were in the hospital room with the birth mother that she had placed their sweet angel in Kyle's arms.  It was a moment that they all just knew and looked and saw that this sweet child had daddy's whole heart wrapped around her little finger.  A beautiful memory and just shows what beautiful hearts this family have! 

We are thrilled that we get to be a part of the blessing of adoption with families from all over the United States and if you are interested in more information please email or give me a call @ 813-360-7368. 







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