Wednesday, September 25, 2013


 This sweet cherub was born September 24th CONGRATULATIONS NIKKI AND MATT!!!!! 
 This is her proud mommy and daddy who signed on with Christian Adoption Consultants in May and after having their profile done they were thrilled to start presenting to situations.  They have 3 other boys at home and longed for a girl.  After only a few months their baby girl was born!!   
 They also are in the middle of doing an Ethiopian adoption as well through the same amazing agency we used to bring Jonathan home.  They heard about the Hackett family and wanted more information about how domestic adoption works. 
When you do a domestic adoption while you are waiting on an international program that may take longer (years) that is called a concurrent adoption.  Have questions about how that works- ASK ME!  :)  I would be happy to answer questions for you! 
 Pretty sure she holds the key to daddy's heart! 
A sweet moment for this family along the way was when they were getting ready to leave to meet their daughter.  The birth mother called them and asked, "What are you naming her?". 
I am ready to go home now!  Stay tuned for pictures once my 3 brothers get to meet me!  :)  I will be queen and they will all oooh and ahhh over me ;). 
Have you ever thought about if domestic adoption is something you are interested in? 
Domestic Adoption does NOT take years and years!
YES you can adopt domestically even though you have other children in your home!
We are more than happy to help get you more information and support you on your adoption journey!


  1. Umm, okaky, so what did they name her?

    1. Part of Christian Adoption Consultants policy to not put a name of a child or last names on the blog. Sorry.......