Friday, July 19, 2013

Lots of prayer and 16 YEARS!!!!

OK sorry.....was trying to upload some pics of our latest adventure, but I am having issues.

The blog has been quiet because I am here at the hospital with Michael.  He spiked a 105 fever on Sunday an we took him to our local hospital.  He was not able to keep anything down.  After a frustrating day we returned home.  Then after consulting with our Pediatric Infectious Disease Doctor (because he was not keeping any of his HIV meds down which isn't a good thing),  we were sent to Tampa General Hospital on Monday. 

Since then he has with medication had a 102 fever :(  Today is the first day he has gone without fever and the first day he actually has kept some food and milk down!!

However, we are far from clear to go home.  They determined that he has a urinary tract infection that spread into his kidneys.  A 3 year old should no have a UTI (I have had them, and they are horrible, but evidently my body is older or something ;),,,  so they have to figure out why he got it.  The cause is usually there is some body part not working- valve wise in his system.  He had to be fever free for 24 hours to do the test they need to do.  So hopefully tomorrow we will get that test done.

So what else have we done.....tons of blood draws, urine tests, and al that fun stuff :(.  Oh and yesterday we did a ultrasound of his kidneys and spleen, and found out today that his spleen is enlarged.....and last night he started having a yellow tint.  So today it was more than obvious that his liver function is not happening. 

Sooo......that is it in a nutshell.....we have more testing to do, more praying, and we are in a great hospital!! 

All prayers appreciated!!!!!!! 10 minutes it is officially our 16th wedding anniversary.  What do you say on a day that my hubby had planned some really special surprises.......and now we won't even really get to see each other?  You say- Praise God that our other 8 children are healthy and have had some fun this last week at a local church's VBS.  You say, we are thankful for a good hospital and great healthcare!!!  You say thank you to so many who have brought me food here at the hospital, and have come to pray with us and over Michael!!!!  Friends and Family that have really surrounded us in prayer has been amazing!!!!!!!!!!  You say thank you for the meal for my hubby and 8 kiddos who I miss daily!!!  You say Praise God because HE CREATED MICHAEL and knows exactly how to heal him!!!!!

I praise God for my sweet husband!!
1)  He is so stinking handsome!!
2)  He loves to play with our kids!
3)  He has an amazing voice and we love praising God together!
4)  He is very romantic!
5)  He is calm when I am not!
6)  He and I both love HGTV and The Duggars!
7)  He is crazy enough with me to adopt 9 gorgeous sweeties!
8)  He joins me on the journey to helping our children heal!
9)  He leads our family in devotions and worship!
10)  He has that awesome British Accent!
11)  He does well with going with the flow!
12)  He enjoys spending time with me!
13)  He loves to hike, be outdoors, and swim!
14)  He loves to cook- have I mentioned he actually went to school to do catering??, do laundry- what more could you possible want?
15)  He is and inspiration to me!
16)  He is a spiritual leader in our home- which for me is such a huge Blessing from God!!

Jason, I know this day won't be what you had planned.  We have to remember that God holds all of our days in His hands.  I do know for a fact that we will celebrate- when we know our baby boy is once again well! 

I know for sure that 16 years later baby and there is NO ONE I would rather with than you!  I praise God that He gave me YOU!!!  :)  Loads of love and here is to the next 50 years+!!!!!!  :) 


  1. Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary!!!

    LOVE you both sooo... much.

    WISH I lived close enough to help out this week.

    PROBABLY taking a Road Trip to TX next month,
    and DESPERATELY trying to figure out how to make it to FL.
    Maybe you all need to take a Road Trip to TX so we can meet up. :)
    WISHING you still lived in LA.

    Hugs & Love & So Many Prayers this week !!!

    Laurel :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Praying for the little man too!

  3. I have been following your blog for a long time. My husband and I have had many many hospital stays that have separated us on special occasions as we have adopted five times and all Med fragile/special needs children. We are actually to a place in life where we are praying for God to bring us one more if it is His will. Praying for your sweet Michael. For his healing and for answers thru the testing. Happy anniversary! Blessings!