Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chrsitian Adoption Consultants Discount AND updates on Michael

 So first off Christian Adoption Consultants has a BRAND NEW WEBSITE!!!!!!  YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
So GO CHECK IT OUT :)!!!  In CELEBRATION of this we are offering a DISCOUNT!! 
So if you have been thinking I really would love to know more, or have been wanting to sign on with Christian Adoption Consultants- NOW IS THE TIME!!!!!!  :) 
10% off all full service packages as well as 20% off for families open to minority children!!!
Want to know more email me -
Call Me- 813-360-7368
Want to see our form?  CLICK HERE This is our introduction to Christian Adoption Consultants as well as the client agreement. 

Why sign on with a consultant?  HERE is a great blog post :) 

 OK so now for the other update!!  Michael is HOME!!!!  Can I get an AMEN? 
 Poor baby has bruises everywhere from so many pokes and prods, but he is doing well!!!  YEA!!! 
 **This is a sad Michael before he got to feeling better :(.  BUT PRAISE GOD he is doing well now and his liver function went back to normal and they didn't find any reason for his urinary tract infection.  He is now back on his HIV meds and has been happy since they finally le us out of there! 
 Which didn't happen until Monday when they saw his liver was functioning soooo much better and his infection was under control! 
 So we got home Monday afternoon.......had all day Tuesday......
 In all reality we packed Tuesday and got ready.....
 Because Wednesday morning bright and early we left for Dallas, TX!!!!
 To take the Empowered To Connect - Train the Trainer for the parenting class!!!  YEA!!!  For the class.....not so much for having to leave my babies again.  For any who don't know......we don't usually leave our kids (unless it is to go pick up another babe ;).
 YES I am proud my baby is walking around playing with a barf bag - but at least she is cute!!!
Today was our first day of our training for the Empowered To Connect Parenting Class.  We will be teaching this locally soon!!  WAHOOOO!!!!

And this is when I knew for sure Michael was totally feeling much better- he pulled himself up in the crib!!!  :) 

So I am missing all of my babes......and learning a lot......and at least I get to spend time with my hubby.........

THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS for Michael and our family!!!!!!!!!!!!  They mean the world to us!!!!  It has been a hard couple of weeks :(.  Even since we have been away the toilet has backed up and our van battery died.....perfect right?  Gotta love our crazy life.  Soooo Thankful for a special young lady Lisa Weick (former summer camp staff) who is looking after all our kiddos!!!  She has already managed to take them all out on trips to the park, McDonald's, etc.  SHE IS AMAZING!!!!!!  Oh and she showed up last week- and said I came early so I could help while Michael is in the hospital- THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

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  1. THANK GOD this little guy is feeling better!! he was definitely on our prayer list! you guys must have been so exhausted!