Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Jason & our 4th of July

 Happy38th Birthday Jason!!!   
 He had a pineapple angel food cake (I found on Pinterest)  :)  Easy peezy anyone can do it.  You take an angel food cake mix, 20oz can of crushed pineapple- mix together!  It will froth and foam and become light.  Put it in a regular cake pan and put in the over at 350 for 30 minutes.  See - told you it was easy :).  It was yummy! 
 Here is our 4th of July!  We have gone to the parade the last few years here in Brandon, FL.  It is a pretty good parade.  We set up our tent- because it is always stifling hot!  ;).  Enjoy our parade with some cool. 
 We are some cool kiddos :). 
 This year we invited the Murphy family to come hang out.  David Murphy is the pastor for our Spanish service at our church.  Yet, he is from Northern Ireland.  Confused?  Yep- well he grew up part of his time in the Canary Islands- his family were missionaries. 

That would explain why my husband and he are enjoying a cup of hot English tea at the 4th of July parade. 
 My family are here too!!!!!  LOVE!!!!!  :)  So going down the line- this is Mark & Heidi (my cousin), their daughter Makenna, and Jane (my aunt), and that little one on the end is their other daughter Jessa.  We LOVE living close to them :)!!! 
 All the time is bottle time ;). 
 Michael liked the parade! 
 Of course we bring tons of snacks, water, and of course buckets for the candy as well! 
 These two posed for me ;)
 Yep, that is a hole you see.....Jonathan has lost 2 bottom teeth! 
 Watching the parade........
 Awwww......cute little flag waver!!! 
Modeling some of the 1 million beads we got at the parade!!  Hey, they make for a GREAT sensory toy!!  Michael LOVES beads and will play with them for long periods of time.  Just stick them in a bucket, and our kids use them for all kinds of things. 

So sometimes life just flashes by, but we are taking it all in!  Summer has brought LOTS of swimming time, middle of the day movies, and random fun activities!  Lately that has meant Abigail going off to hang out with Joe and Lisa Weick this week to help them with their church's VBS.  They live a few hours north of us.  From what I hear she is having an awesome time!  BUT this momma misses her a lot!!  Can you tell I may not do well when my children start leaving the nest???  UGH!!!

Will be posting about some more fun activities soon! 

Oh and we are soo excited for some of our clients who are being matched!!!!  Soooo exciting!!!!  We are so privileged to walk with families on their adoption journeys!!!!!  It is a privilege and an honor.  The sweet part is that the family that just matched is local and I did their homestudy, which also means I get to do the post adoption visits!!  YEA!!!  Definite bonus :).  Have I mentioned how much we love helping families through the adoption process?  It is such a joy!  

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