Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy 6th & 11th Birthdays Jonathan & Joshua!!!!!

 Happy 6th Birthday Jonathan Caleb Wright!!!!  :) 
 Our little man has been waiting to ride some rides at Busch Gardens- because he is tall enough, but they state you must by 6 years old- so sooonnnn when we go back he will FINALLY be able to try out some of those rides :).  He is thrilled!
 Legos... money....
 Books.....  Monsters University.....
 Dunkin Donuts..... Superman cape.....
 Doesn't he look like the cutest super man ever?  :)
 I am pretty sure the wins for cutest 6 year old!!!  Jonathan is a cuddly boy who loves to play and giggle (and by the way his giggle is sooo adorable!).  He loves to read, play anything with super heros, and make you laugh. 
 Although he has recently lost 2 teeth this doesn't stop him from eating his favorite - donuts and or anything having to do with chocolate!!! 
 This was his "cake" and he LOVED IT!!!!!
 This is the family time of how to put together Jonathan's new lego set.  :) 
 So as it happens Jonathan and Joshua's birthdays are back to back.  (Kind of like Jonathan's Adoption Day and Sarah's Birthday.  What is that about??  Kind of like how we have nothing for family celebrations in April, August, September, or October???). 
 Happy 11th Birthday Joshua David Wright!!!!!!!!
 Our firefighter/basketball player!!!! 
 Do you like his comment?  I put- This is too old!  His reply- So What.  How RUDE  ;).
 Joshua- a great man of God in the Bible and in real life!  He is a fierce protector, man of few words, young man who loves to play and play hard!  He loves his brothers and sisters, and has a fun sense of humor too! 
 Guess what we got?  Silly gift for everyone- take a real close look.....yep we love crazy teeth!  Trust me a few bucks can bring HOURS of fun for all our kids!  Worth the few bucks!
 Smile Joshua!!! 
 His Birthday Cake- chocolate chip cookie cake.  It is 2 layers of chocolate chip cookie....with some frosting on top :) 
 This young man is growing up too fast!  He will be taller than me soon I am sure! 
Both boys had a great birthday and I am glad we have a large family and eating a cake or desert- is easy to do!  ;)  

PRAISE GOD for our Jonathan and Joshua!!!!  We love them both sooo very much :).

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