Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sometimes you just gotta....

 We interrupt the pictures from our farm adventures for a little story......entitled Sometimes You Just Gotta.
This story takes place on a beautiful Sunday evening.  Where a family decided to have a picnic by the pool on some blankets.  There was finger foods, good conversation, and fun......until.........well sometimes you just gotta cut loose a bit- right? 
 It all started with some dares.  Like daddy trying to get the kids to pay him money to jump in the pool with his clothes on.  Innocently.....at least until the dunking of Jonathan began......
 Then Abigail starts pushing.....
 Joanna decides to dip her toes in.....
 And pretty quickly 2 went down....in their pj's......
 Notice that Elizabeth has some real talent.  Somehow she managed to get pushed into the pool and still had her cinnamon/raisin bread in her hand!  Oh and notice her "bling" is still in tact as well :). 
 Uh oh......Abigail......lost........
 Joanna, well she jumped in!  She wasn't worried! 
 Oh dear- dresses in the pool? 
 Jonathan shows off his muscles....
 Abigail says - really mom please tell me you won't post this anywhere.  Of course not dear only on FB and the blog, no worries :)> 
 And they all went down! 
 Michael says "Ummm......have you all gone cray cray or what?"
 Girls just wanna have fun! 
 Squeezes of love.
 Then it really started with Abigail giving daddy what he was giving......it all started with a little splashing. 
 Ended up with full immersion! 
 Matthew says- yeah baby this is fun!
Even Michael got in on the action and got soaked because we are in this together as a family- right?

You got it!!!  Damage done- wet clothes, lots of towels......
Fun had- EVERYONE!!!
Sometimes you just gotta let it all go.  Throw the rules out the window.  Cut loose!  Make some memories!

A good reminder to us all that no matter what life can be fun- what can you do today to throw some pizzazz into your day?  I dare you!!!!

**Note:  I did not get soaked because I had the camera- win win for mom!!  he he he he he......

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