Saturday, April 13, 2013


 Christian Adoption Consultants is doing a discount!!!!!!!!!!!!  YEA!!!!!!!!!!  So if you have ever though- I wonder if domestic adoption is right for our family- NOW IS THE TIME TO ASK & GET SIGNED UP!!!!!  I mean look at our 2 domestic adoption cuties!!!!  Man I couldn't imagine life without them!!!!!  (or any of my children, but for this post I am focusing on domestic adoption)
 HERE IS THE SCOOP!!!!  Christian Adoption Consultants is offering a 10% discount for those interested in using our services and a 20% discount for those open to minority adoption!!!!  AWESOME!!!!
If you are interested in our special needs program- for children over the age of 3, sibling groups, or any child with a known diagnosis- there is a continuous 50% discount!!!! 
 You say you want more details?  OK Here is the scoop on Christian Adoption Consultants!!!!!

1)  We walk you through the entire process!!!  Would you like to have someone dedicated to you?  WE ARE!  It is what we do.  We talk with you over the situations, provide ongoing support when you have tough decisions to make, and help you get all the information you need to make a good match!  

2)  We have several agencies that we work with all the time- making it easier for you to get matched.  Most of our clients are matched between 6-10 months!

3)  We give you resources including a full list of grants and loans, and other websites that can help with online fundraising!  Loads of resources when it comes to birth families, traveling, and how to handle situations that come up along the way.

4)  We can also help you make a professional profile that will make a great first impression as you show it to expectant parents!!! 

 Question I get asked often:  Is there a need?  YES THERE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How else would our wait times be short?  It's true there is a need!!!!!!!  :)  
 Can I adopt if I already have children?  ABSOLUTELY!!!!!
**We had 7 and then 8 when we did our adoptions :) 
Just think of all the love, the fun, the smiles, the hugs we would miss out on. 
 Not just us either- other people we have had the pleasure of meeting up with and having fun with. 
 Adoption touches your heart like nothing else- Why?  Because it is what Jesus Christ has done for us!!!! 
 My other babes would not be blessed with moments like this!!!!  Without domestic adoption :). 
 My family would miss out on special times too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I mean how can you resist this know you want to adopt........he he he he
 My other children would miss out on some pretty amazing gifts if we had said- there is no way we can adopt domestically......I am just too overwhelmed.  No- instead through Christian Adoption Consultants- we adopted not just once, but twice!!!!! 
AND it was more than worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

Still have questions?  Have a friend who may be interested?  Pass on our information- call, fb, or email me today!!!  :)