Saturday, April 27, 2013

Financial Testimony!!

Just to explain this was a testimony I wrote for our church.  The 90 day challenge was something that our pastor preached on- Basically a money back guarantee on tithing!  YEP!  How is that for preaching?  :)  GOD is FAITHFUL!!!  Read on..........

(*oh and sorry for the no picture thing.....blogger didn't cooperate with me!!!) 
 Our story......

I loved your 90 Day Challenge!!!  Although we have been tithing since we first were married I wanted to share how over and over and over again God has been faithful!

It all started about the time this challenge did interestingly enough in that time this is the long list of repairs/things that have happened in our family: we had to make a small repair to our air conditioner, had to replace the septic lines in our back yard- ergo making it all a sand dune now (still have to resod), have had to make repairs to our pool system, I had a loss of hearing in my left ear for about a month, we have had water come in through our boys’ bedroom wall that we had to repair, replace our daughters retainers, throw in some marriage growing pains,  replace our refrigerator, our dishwasher needed a repair (wahoo it was still under warrantee- however it did take them a week to come and fix it), our water heater flooded our garage- we replaced it and then the company had to replace it again because the first one was defective, we had to do electrical work before we could replace our water heater, our computer had to be fixed, one of our children had to have stitches in her lip, and drum roll please......after making a minor repair we ended up having to replace our air conditioning unit! 

Now if that isn’t enough to blow your mind.....think of it this way over the last month- month and a half we have had 11 people in our home go 3 days without running water, around a week with limited heated water, a few days without a computer (which we use for school and work), and we went thankfully only a bit over a day without air conditioning - thank you Kevin Crandall!!  And the total cost of all of this loveliness?  Over $10,000!! 

HA!  That’s right and I want to say that we do not have a huge income!  We did not have $10,000 to spend on all of this.  BUT GOD!  God provided every penny that we needed.  How?  Well that is the crazy part- until you see our lives you wouldn’t get it, but we had some wonderful people that provided around $7,500 without us asking for anything.  The money just “showed up” little by little God provided exactly what we needed.  The day that we had to pay the second payment for our septic system- was the exact same day our tax refund came into our checking account!  God has sent us clients for our Christian Adoption Consulting, and we recently got an additional income for a small job with a few flexible hours each week as well.  We had people praying for us, and I know that HE has been proven faithful. 

If left to me I would have panicked after the first few challenges....and ran for the hills.   BUT GOD held onto us, and proved to us yet again that HE has it covered, and will continue to provide for our needs.  We may not have all we want, but God has provided for our needs and so much more and we are more than eternally grateful to HIM! 

ALL PRAISE BELONGS TO HIM: Luke 6:38 “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

It is true, and not just lately- God has given and proven HIMSELF to be who HE says HE is.  Not because we get to put a quarter in and use him like a vending machine, or not because we say if you don't give me this I won't believe in you, but just because HE has created in us NO DOUBT HE IS WHO HE CLAIMS- Our Savior, Our Provider, Our Loving Father Who Wants to Give Good Things To His Children.  LOVE MY JESUS!!!!!!

Praying your weekend is great!  Mine is :)  Oh and guess what?  NEXT WEEK I GET TO GO TO Christina Alliance For Orphans in TN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Alright who else is going?  Let me know!!!  I can't wait to see some of you there!!!!!!!!!!  Just a tad excited :).
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  1. Yes! Rejoicing with you over ALL of HIS provisions!

    We, too, have seen the FAITHFULNESS of GOD as we have walked through one crisis after another. Even in the HARDEST of times . . . HE is FAITHFUL!

    God gave us a HUGE slice of HOPE this weekend. (read my blog) Knowing that you will REJOICE with us!

    Love & Hugs!

    Laurel :)

    1. OK everyone needs to read Laurel's Blog!!!! We too are rejoicing with you in faith, hope, and God's redeeming and healing love!!!!!!!!!

      Go here- and be more inspired BY GOD!!!!! HIS STORY is way better!!!!!