Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's new at the Wright Home?

 Really it is my way of saying....this is a bit of a random post :).  So I did finger twists in Joanna's hair? 
 What do you think?  I like it!!!  Of course part of that is because she is the cutest model!!!
 So Wednesday we had some guests over to play for a bit- while their mommy had court for the youngest of their 4 (he is in foster care so you won't see his pictures here.....praying one day you will). 
 Are these boys adorable or what? 
 We always have a lot of fun with them here. 
OK- BREAKING NEWS!  We were told today that we get to have the LIFE CENTER @ THE CROSSING CHURCH for NOVEMBER 13th!!!!  WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!  This will be a meeting to talk about the differences between foster care, domestic adoption, and international adoption!  :) 

WE ARE SOO THRILLED!!!!!!!  So I wanted to break in this post and yell it out so to speak!  More details to follow as well. 
 On with more pictures of our fun time with visitors. 
 Some people ask- how much food do you fix for your family?  He he he he.....we usually cook up at lest 2+ boxes of pasta.  This is pasta salad- you know loads of veggies, ham/pepperoni, and of course pasta. 
 This is what we call our big momma bowl or Grandma Brenda's bowl.  Yes it is Tupperware.....and it was handed down to us from my mom :).  LOVE IT!!!
 So what else is new in our home? 
You guessed it.....Joanna is starting to potty train!  Hang on for the crazy ride.  He he he he....I don't stress too much.  We did with Abigail.  We tried to get her to potty train for months......pushed and pushed.  Yep- didn't work.  Not even a little.  So since then we just wait until they tell us they are ready. 

Funny story time- yep on Sunday as the 11am service was letting out and we were getting ready to greet people.  We had gotten Joanna out of nursery- we figured holding our cuties would give us leverage to talk to more people as they exited the church.  YES we will use our babes to tell others about adoption any chance we can get!  CUTENESS WORKS PEOPLE! 

So anywho- I had just set Joanna down for a minute.  I turn around and she says "mommy diaper".  To which I see- yep- her diaper on the floor!  YIKES!  She had taken it off.  Awesomeness.  I cracked up so hard I could hardly breath.  Jason swooped her up and said- "don't do anything Joanna".  He went off to find a diaper in our bag that was back in the nursery.  Mind you this is as we are waiting for the crowds of people to come through the lobby area. 

Whew!  Jason got another diaper and the day was saved.  Just thought you would enjoy that funny story because it was pretty hilarious.  A great parent story that will probably be told in our home for a long time! 

Some great news for our friends that went to court.  It is not a done deal yet, but.....their little guy will be staying with them :).  YEA GOD!!!!

Oh and continue praying for the meeting we will be having on the 13th!!!  We are praying for God to fill up our room we have been given!  And well- more would be great!  We are believing that God is stirring up our church to move for HIM!!!  Our hearts desire is to see more children HOME!  Please continue praying with us!!!!  :)


  1. YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!! November is going to be a huge month for our church and therefore for the kids of Hills. Co!!!! My kids and your kids together are just too much :) Cute cute!

  2. How fun! I love random posts. :-) I have 2 little boys that need potty-training. I've been very relaxed, but now that the one is over 4, I guess I should push it a bit...

  3. Oh my! Miss J is looking so much older these days especially with the cute hairdo!

  4. God Bless You. I hope to one day adopt but my home is too small right now.

    Great Teaching advice. You have to peak the children curiousity. Ask them why?Tell them to find the answer. Teach them where to look when they don't know.