Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wanting it to be something bigger

 So something came in the mail..........Can you guess what it is? 

It is something we have prayed about for our church for a while now.  Something we really wanted to be a part of for years, but never were....until now......

It is definitely so much bigger than we are......

It is bigger than what the world says because we are too easily caught up in ourselves- me included!
 Joanna loves it!!!  Abigail loves it too!!!  Actually ALL of our kids love it!!!!!!!!!

We are all thrilled about it!!!

There are people getting excited about it!!!!!!

Praying over it daily - asking God to make it bigger!!!!!!

Praying for more people to join in and live it out!!!!!

Praying for our hearts to be turned to Him because of it!!!!!
 What is it? 

Well- it has nothing to do with these boxes- they just arrived.  Wanna guess what they are? 

HA!  If you know me, and you know that between November 8th and January 6th we have:
Abigail, Andrew, Matthew, and Elizabeth's Birthdays
as well as
Matthew, Andrew, Joanna, and Michael's Adoption Days! 

Oh and of course Thanksgiving and Christmas - Jesus' Birthday!!!

This is really a stall tactic, but it is presents for some of those special days as well as some Christmas gifts too :) 

So what is the big deal?? 
THIS IS!!!  AWWWWW...............LOVE IT!!!

My amazingly awesome hubby designed it!  It is for our Orphan Sunday where we get a table to let others know about......

November 13th Meeting at our church for more information on foster care and adoption!!!!  WAHOOO!!!!!!!!  OK just a little excited, but you have to understand this is a dream......a dream coming true.......a chance to share with others about the miracles of adoption. 

We will have a few different speakers.  Handouts including the differences between foster care, adoption through foster care, domestic adoption, and international adoption, how to fund your adoption- filled with grants that are out there, ideas for fundraisers, and websites of shops that will help you do fundraising online, as well as some basic adoption terminology, and lists of agencies- and questions to ask your agency!

Whew!  That is why I am just a little crazy excited!!!!!!!!!!

Keep praying for God's People to RISE UP!!!!!!  We have had some amazing people in our church that have joined us and we are so excited to see Him move!!!!!!

OH AND if you have been waiting to see us speak in our church about adoption- here is a link- click on DiverCity Week 2 :)

***Now I have to get back to work- so much to do!  Oh and my hubby has been really really sick for several days now :(  not good- pray for him.  


  1. I am SO EXCITED for our church! I have been praying for this day for the Crossing since we started attending in October of 2007!

    1. Praise God!!!! Isn't that just so crazy amazing - our God is AMAZING!

  2. I love it! I love how God has brought you and Missy together as well to accomplish HIS will in your church!

    1. I know....who would have thought that blogging would find us you, who would in turn find us your sister, who in turn is one of my dearest friends! LOVE the way God totally ROCKS!

  3. So excited for ALL that the LORD is doing in and through your family. :)

    Not quite ready to "announce" on my blog yet . . . but wanted to show you what I've been working on all day: . Let me know what you think (unless of course you hate it).


    :) :) :)