Sunday, October 21, 2012

The most powerful position in the world

 So this is me with my MEGA can of Mountain Dew given to me by my cousin/sister Heidi!  She is started a Bible Study on Friday nights and thought of me as she was preparing.  She put out a spread of goodies to nibble, coffee, tea, water, and thought....ummm.....Dawn really wants- yep- Mt. Dew!  So she got one for me! 

He he he he.....Can you tell she knows me? 
 Soooo.....just to explain the random pictures.....our camera is doing very ummmm strange things.  As in when you turn it on it won't go zoom in our out.  Then randomly it takes pictures.  Enjoy the crazy of my life.  :) 
 So I have started reading Raising Your Kids To Love the Lord by Dave Stone.  Very good so far with lots of truth!  Short sweet and to the point.  If you are not a good reader of those long books that have things in them that baffle even professional scholars- you will love this book!
 I love the things they have talked about in the first few chapters.  They have talked about Top Button Truths- in other words you have to button the top button correctly or by the time you get to the bottom of your shirt- you will be a little "off".  Love this analogy! 
 It also talks about who you are when no one is watching or better yet as a parent- when you think no one is watching because I guarantee- YOUR  KIDS ARE WATCHING!  THEY KNOW!  They are seriously really really smart!  FOR REAL!  Don't underestimate that. 
 Today I was reading about the most powerful word.  Although I remember clearly when I was a camp counselor a little cartoon of a man kneeling and it read- THE MOST POWERFUL POSITION IN THE WORLD! 

How often do we forget that most powerful word or powerful position that we ALL can have?  We think all we can do is pray.  What do you mean- all you can do is pray?  THAT IS ALL you can do!  Listen carefully to what God is saying James 1:5  "If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you."  

Look at that scripture!  It says if you lack wisdom.  Yes I lack wisdom as a parent and that is why I need to pray.  I lack wisdom as a wife that is why I need to pray.  God wants to give to us not just something to ponder, but generous amounts of wisdom.  AND it says without finding fault.  Grace is amazing isn't it.  I don't have to worry that God will turn around and say well Dawn you just aren't good enough so no wisdom for you today.  Instead God says I will give you wisdom in generous amounts and I won't use your faults to rub anything in your face.  That I find completely amazing and unconditional love.
 That verse should be our parenting motto!  People ask me all the time how in the world do you do it.  If I said easily- that would be a huge lie and my nose would probably grow 30 feet.  Not joking. 

My "stock" answer is a lot of prayer.  But in all sincerity it is the absolute truth!  I am so imperfect I am surprised my children don't show even more of my horrible qualities.  How that happens- not sure.  This I do know- God and I are really close.  As in I do not intend to live a day, an hour, or a minute without HIM. 
This doesn't mean that I have it all together as stated earlier, but I know that I can't do it.  I just can't.  I want to, I try to, but I flop big time.  When that happens I try to remember that cartoon.  The one etched in my brain from many years ago at camp while serving as a counselor.  The sick figure on his knees, hands folded, and crying out to God to help him. 

The thing is that this doesn't just serve as a "Lord I am having a bad hair day call".  This is an every day thing.

-When things are all going my way and there is sunshine and rainbows- PRAY!
-When I can not see past this moment while my child is screaming in my face- PRAY!
-When I do not want to get out of bed- PRAY!
-When God has just won a major victory in my heart- PRAY!
-When I want to show my thankfulness for everything I have been given- PRAY!
-When we are celebrating the steps in life that our children have reached- PRAY!
-When we aren't sure where to turn and our hearts are shattered-PRAY!
-When it seems that the whole world is laughing at our expense-PRAY!
-When you don't know who to vote for-PRAY!
-When you are trying to work out difficulties with your spouse, your children, or a good friend- PRAY!

I know this.  It try to remember this- daily.  I also know that I need a reminder sometimes.  Ok let's be honest, all the time.  Pray!

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  1. Love this post!! It is so so true- pray all the time!

    Thanks for the book recommendation!!

    I also can not do what I am doing but everyday HE gives me strength!
    Thank you Jesus!!