Saturday, October 13, 2012

Quick update!

He he Michael the cutest or what?  Yes I am biased, but seriously.....

OK this is a quick update- for those who are facebook friends know this because I posted it.  Here is the deal.  I have some friends who I have known for a really long time!  In fact she used to be my camper when she was in high school and I was a counselor at a Christian Camp (I was in college at the time).  She married a guy I also knew and went to college with.  Now they are in the adoption process- almost homestudy ready :).  Just a tad excited!!!

She emailed asking for some prayer because someone she knew was scheduled for an abortion- yesterday.  When I got that heart. stopped.  I cried, I prayed, and I begged the Lord to move in that young lady's heart.  For her to know that this is a life that was created by God!  That HE would provide a way for her to see that this child and SHE is precious to HIM! 

Well......I posted it on facebook, and prayed and asked others to pray!  GOD SAID YES I HEAR YOU!!!  He changed her heart and her plans!!!!!!  Oh wow- if you only knew the emotions of JOY that are in my heart right now!!!  I am literally bubbling with JOY!!!!!!! 

The birth families of our children......they are not perfect.  Neither am I!  BUT THEY ALL CHOOSE LIFE! 

I am seriously celebrating- Please celebrate with me!!!!  ONE LIFE is worth the fight!!  Now......remember the thousands more that need our prayers.  It may seem overwhelming, but ONE at a time people God can work through us, in us, and around us!!!! 

So we had our meeting with our lead pastor this morning, and can I just say that I love his heart!  We will be sharing tomorrow at all 3 services in our church about God's story for the fatherless!!!  If you want to listen in you can do that live, or after the service time HERE!  :)  Praying for God to speak through us!  It is ALL ABOUT HIM!  (9am, 11am, and 5pm- Easter Time) 

Love to all who have been and are praying for us.  Satan's attacks this last week have of course been crazy, but that just makes it all the more real that God is MOVING RIGHT HERE IN TAMPA!!!!!!!  WAHOOOO!!!!!

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