Monday, April 9, 2012

My Easter fun stories......

 So these pictures are totally in the opposite order....why?  Well you know me.  I am not really normal or typical :).  HA!  It's totally more fun that way!!!!
 So here are all the cousins together before we had to leave for our Easter service (which was at 4pm). 
 So I have some really cute stories one of them involves this little man in the above picture.  Known by his nickname Beak.  Not sure really where that came from???  It really has nothing to do with the story except that he is the one that the story is about.
 So Jonathan had decided to hide something under his pillow.  A food item.  No he doesn't have the food issues like some children do.  He just decided to do it.  So after having a conversation with him about it explaining why we don't hide food under our pillow.  He started crying.....
 Harder and really more emotional.  So I asked him - Jonathan....why are you still crying?
 He answered that he was really upset because Jesus died. 
 So we reviewed that this is EASTER!!!!!  And on EASTER MORNING we CELEBRATE that not only did Jesus die for our sins, BUT THAT HE IS ALIVE!!!! 
 After clearing this up he was happy and ready to get on with EASTER SUNDAY!!!!!  If only we could all understand Easter like this!!!!  Love the mind of a child :).
 So on Easter we went to my Aunt Jane's and had lunch - with all the fixings and then did an egg hunt in her yard.  The kids love being silly.  The great part about this hunt is that NO ONE GETS HURT!  There is no pushing, shoving, screaming, or crying because our kiddos are great at helping each other!!!
 I am pretty sure MOST of us could learn from them!!!!  Seriously!!!
 And they had a great time together playing :).
 So my second Easter story has to do with Michael.  You know we celebrate EVERYTHING he does because we know that it is all a miracle which is why it is always special. 
 So on the way home from church I had to squeeze my "big bottom" between the twins car seats because on the way home from church Joanna gets grumpy.  As in screaming for mommy grumpy.  So to solve this I have to sit where Abigail usually sits. 
 This causes issues because Abigail's skinny bum is no where near the size of mine.  ;)
 Oh and on a side note Joanna calls her Abila. is really cute!
 So as I am sitting in this tiny space not  really meant for me.....I was playing with the cuties on both sides of me. 
 After all they are very very very cute!!!  Michael was given a shiny egg to play with.  He had it in his hands and throwing it around his car seat. 
 Well at some point he decided that it would be more fun to simply swing his arm over my lap and drop it. 
 So I kiddingly picked it up and put it in his lap saying, "Michael what are you doing?  You are such a silly cute boy."  Of course with lots of giggles along with that. 
 So what does he do?
 Yep, you guessed it.  He drops it back in my lap.  And this time he laughs hysterically! baby boy played a game with me.  It was one of the highlights of the day!  Michael we celebrate that you are growing, and doing things we never knew were possible.  Easter is ALL ABOUT THE IMPOSSIBLE!!!  WE continue to believe that GOD has sooo much more in store for you.  That OUR GOD will continue to PROVE THE IMPOSSIBLE - POSSIBLE WITH AND THROUGH YOU!!!!  Join us in continuing prayers for his divine healing!!!! 
 So we had a great EASTER! 
 Not really because of the candy- because really spending time with family was sooo much more fun and exciting than that! 
 Because of HIS STORY!  The fact that this family has been forever altered and changed by it!  The fact that God came down and then ROSE AGAIN!  To be our SAVIOR!  OUR LIVING SAVIOR!
 And as you look at these adorable, cute, irresistible, charming, fun, filled with laughter faces......
You can't help but think of all the miracles HE HAS DONE FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  PRAISE GOD!


  1. What a fun day! Praying with you for continued progress with your newest treasure---oh by the way I met someone about a month ago who knew his first healing family :) Small,small world!

  2. Our kids have to take all found eggs to one big laundry basket in the middle so there is no competition because everything is divided out. One egg did have a gold coin this year that the finder got to keep, but that's it.

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