Saturday, April 21, 2012

Michael's progress and an update on Heidi

 OK so I wanted to give an update on my "sis" Heidi.  She is doing pretty good healing very well.  Yesterday she was up walking around (you know a few minutes at a time).  She is mostly unhooked from things except an IV and she is still on nasal oxygen.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!  It is ALL GOD!!!!  We are continuing to pray as this is obviously a long road, but our GOD is FAITHFUL :).   She is still pretty tired and needs a lot of rest, but we'll take it!  Just seeing her and talking a bit to her yesterday - WAS AMAZING!!!!  :) 
 So ummm...where do I start?  Michael is COMPLETELY AMAZING!!!!!  I can not believe all the progress he is making soo quickly!!!  Well I mean I can - IT IS ALL GOD!!!  I just am blown away- DAILY! 
 So this little picture series is brought to you by mister amazing himself!  Have I told you how much he LOVES balls?  Yep, he is a boy after all ;).  So he was playing with this ball, but then.....then he did the whole pushing up thing on the lap top tables!!!  GO MICHAEL!!  Then he dropped the ball in the side area, and got it back out, and of course played with it.  Dropped it....
 Followed it. 
 Chased it. 
 Look at the JOY in his eyes!!!!!!!  WAHOOO!!!! 

So some other really amazing things he has done in the last couple of weeks-
He cried at therapy when I left the room!!
He stacked blocks!!!
He is starting to eat his baby food (3rd foods- usually with baby cereal in it or broken up baby puffs that dissolve)- without the fuss, actually closes his mouth, eagerly takes the food, a lot less tongue out, starting to close his lips more, and even licks his lips!!!!  OH WOW!!!!!!!  Oh and he hasn't even spit up food for at least a week.  Well.....except when I tried to give him a bit of cheese on it's own :)  he he he- that is to be expected still. 
He brought a ball to his mouth and licked it.  As in trying to explore what it is!!!!!! 
AND he has been dropping the ball in the  "ball toy" at therapy!!!! 
 OH MAN!!!!!!!!!!  HE totally melts me in a huge puddle!!!  I love scooping this little man up and squeezing him!!!! 
(I know if you are a therapist- this nice looking "W" sit isn't great....and yest we are working on it)  BUT MAN OH MAN!!!  Can I get a HUGE PRAISE JESUS? 


Oh did I happen to mention he is now using a sippy cup- yes it is the soft topped ones that are more like a bottle, but he is using the handles and doing really well!!!!!!  Don't you just want to squeeze him?  I DO!!!  ALL THE TIME!!!!  Trust me.....he gets lots of squeezes, kisses, and love :)


  1. Wonderful updates!

    I am sure having so many siblings to keep up with and encourage him is great!

  2. Oh! I wondered how little "Hunter" was doing with his new family! By chance, I happened to run across your blog from another adoptive mom's blog. You have a lovely family. Your header photo is beautiful, where are the t-shirts from?