Sunday, December 5, 2010

Triplets & Happy 9th Birthday Andrew!!

Am I having triplets?  No, although I would never turn that down- that would be great :) 
 No...these are my triplets...well almost.  They were all born within a 2 states....and would later through God's grace become fun loving brothers!  For one week every year (which this pic was taken this past week) they are all the same age!  How's that for fun?  I love it too when people ask me the question - are they all brothers and sisters?....our reply is yes....and then we say the ages....yeah- you should see the looks I get ;) 
 Andrew still trying to wake up on his Birthday. 
 Opening his cards....and his eyes start to wake up as money falls out of the card- he he he
 Then he is really awake by the time he sees his knights and horses set!!!  WAHOOOO!!!!!
 Now for some fun....
 Everyone getting in on the action....
 But I tell you what- this - THIS was AMAZING banana cream pie.  It was a last minute decision by Andrew and let me tell you- Jason had never done one, but WOW!!!  Unfortunately it is all gone already (sometimes a bummer of having a large family).  SOO YUMMYYY!!!
 Today I started remembering the day he was born.  We were over the moon EXCITED!!!!!  He was supposed to be coming home with us....right then..............and well as a lot of things in the foster care system....not so much.  We ended up waiting 7 whole weeks to finally bring him home.  A story I have shared a little of before.  Due to circumstances...the broken system...etc.  He didn't spend that time with his birth mom, but at another foster home.  I just knew they couldn't love him the way we already did!

I mean when his birth mom knew she was pregnant and the social workers spoke to her....she requested he come to be in the same home as Abigail.  She knew we would be kind to her, and love her baby boy.  And yet we ended up waiting FOREVER!!!!!!  I can't explain how much that HURT us.  I mean literally tore our hearts out day after agonizing day.....during the holiday season.....if it weren't for Abigail being sooo adorable- I think we would have sunk even lower.

This was the first time I had ever experienced depression of any kind.  IT HURT!

PRAISE GOD!!!!  That he did come to us though.....and although I would NEVER CHOOSE to wait.  I am sooo very very very very very very GLAD he is my son.  He is so handsome.  He has the most cute smile with a hint of cheekiness.  He has compassion.  His heart is big!  He wants to still be a policeman when he grows up to help others and protect others.  That pretty much says it all.  He has a strong will as well and for some reason Jason says he acts a lot like me????  No idea what he is saying???  Hmmmm......  All I know is that I PRAISE GOD that Andrew James Wright was born.  That he was given the chance to live...and that we were given the opportunity to be his parents.

I can't say enough, but I will stop there.  Because now I must go hang out with my hubby for a while since the kids just went to bed :)  Have a great day!!!  God Bless :)


  1. Praise God for your triplets =)!

  2. Such fun. Your "triplets" are precious...of course so is your entire family.

  3. oh, too adorable...I love when kelly and i are the same age...even more fun if there was another one :) kj

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! Daddy has some serious cake making skills!!! The whole gang is just precious :)

  5. It is absolutely beautiful how God grafts our families together by His grace. Happy Birthday to Andrew!

  6. HaPpY BiRtHdAy

    Those delays are painful! We were supposed to get Adam through a private agency at birth and we didn't get him until 5 mo! It does make a big difference.

  7. Amazing story... (and happy birthday andrew!).

  8. How sweet!! We are still working on our adoption papers right now!!! But praying and very excited for our child/children yet to come!
    Blessings and Merry Christmas!!

  9. Happy Birthday to Andrew! How much fun to have 3 of your sons so close in age - bet they just love it!
    Hope you have a wonderful day

  10. Happy birthday! Glad to see you had a wonderful day!! Keep that smile! It's gorgeous! :)