Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Matthew Joseph Wright's 7th Adoption Day!

 So just a recap.....we do adoption days instead of gotcha days.  For us this is significant because 6 of our children came to us through the foster care system and when they came to wasn't always a happy event as well as a it was not a permanent thing of any kind.  In addition we really love the fact that the official Adoption Day was something the whole family participated in together!  So for Jonathan and Joanna the rest of the family didn't meet them until over a week later.....  That is why we do Adoption Day Celebrations- a day of permanency, our whole family, and that all important document that says they are forever more our child!!!!!
 We treat this as an additional birthday :)  Matthew is enjoying his new toys and books. 
 Dragons, knights, swords, treasure, Iron man, and Narnia books :)
 You have to check out all the moving parts......
 Ok so Jason was a bit disappointed because Iron Man started to "melt" a bit.......ooopppsss.....but Matthew was not worried!  He was just happy it was chocolate and daddy did Iron Man :)  (of course the funny part is our children have never seen the Iron Man movie.....he he he, but that is a small detail right?)
 So here is to our little man who we were able to adopt 2 weeks before we moved to Louisiana.  What a crazy character, and so much fun!  He is easy going and really loves to cuddle!!!!  YEAH for mommy & daddy :) 
 You will notice there is another little girl at the table and her parents in the pic below.  These are dear friends of ours Matt & Sharon Shaw.  Matt worked for us at the camp in Iowa, followed us to Louisiana and found his wife the first summer here.  They now have their daughter Anneliese who is almost 2.  Our kids LOVED having another playmate and they enjoyed making her giggle too!  You know most kids would be worried about more children, but our kids see it as an opportunity.  I can say without doubt that if we said tomorrow here are a few more siblings they would totally LOVE it! 
Happy Adoption Day Matthew!!!!  We love you with all our heart!  We are sooo very Thankful that God brought you to our family officially 7 years ago today.  We couldn't imagine life without our little man :)  MUCH LOVE MOMMY & DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. That is so special! Your husband is very talented! He should start selling his cakes!

  2. Happy Adoption Day, Matthew! And Jason is awesome at making cakes! :)

  3. What a sweet celebration! I love your family's tradition of celebrating adoption day's! You are creating such special and sweet memories. Have a Merry Christmas Wright Family!

  4. Happy Adoption Day!!

    LOVE the cake! Connor had Iron Man for his cake too but I cheated and used a toy instead of decorating it with icing. Connor has never seen Iron Man either so not sure why the infatuation with it but whatever. LOL!

    I love seeing that full table! Can you imagine friend when all those children are grown and have their own children and they come home to visit?! Oh man, that's something that Sean and I talk about alot.....a home filled to overflowing with our treasures and their treasures!!! God is soooooo GOOOD!!!
    Much love and Merry Christmas!

  5. Matthew! I got it wrong on my fb comment...HAPPY ADOPTION DAY!! Sending blessings from Texas!

  6. What a fun day! Happy Adoption Day!

  7. Cute!!! Happy Adoption Day!!! Love it! :)

  8. So sweet and special. Merry Christmas to your beautiful family!

  9. Happy Adoption Day....!!!! (sweet pictures!)

    Merry Christmas.