Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Finally Matthew's 8th Birthday and Christmas decorating at the Wrights

 So I paid the $5 a year and said - HELLO pictures!!!!  So enjoy the costly splurge- he he he!!!  Here we are in pj's and all opening up presents for Matthew's 8th Birthday which was on the 27th of November!!!
 Love it :)
 Rip, rip....books (a traditional gift our kids always get on birthdays and adoption days) :)
 Iron Man stuff and a spy net voice changer- he was THRILLED!!!
 Testing his voice changer as I was figuring out the Iron Man car, person, thing :) 
 Daddy should be on cake boss, but instead he chooses to be here :)  awwwww....thanks daddy!
 Like the Matthew as spiderman card he got from his English grandma (who loves to do computer things) hanging out in the corner?  Love this race track!
 Great news Matthew you are 8 today!!!!  And the best part is - WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!  Happy Birthday!
 So we had the privilege of seeing you on the day you were born.  You were born on your birth mom's birthday and you share that with her.  Very special.  You were sooo tiny- less than 6lbs.  We remember your wee little body in that huge carseat as we took you to our home a couple of days later.
 Now you are a handsome, funny, inquisitive, messy little boy who has stolen our hearts for good!  A little over a year later we got to finalize the adoption....and when the judge asked do you want this child?- YES!!!!!!!!!  was our answer......  Matthew Joseph Wright you are our little man whom we adore!  Thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter into our lives. 
 So later that day.....Jason said while the little littles were challenge kids put up the tree.  This is what happened.
 They did great!  Little arguments....few too many chiefs, but overall they did great!
 Yeah- we need an expansion on the mantle???  Not really big enough for 10 stockings.  Our kids all have snowmen on their stockings and Jason has to put Joanna's name on hers yet.
 After they were done.....they were dancing to some Nicole C. Mullen- 365 this song!
 And the kids are entertaining :)
And you know whenever you have balloons you have to do the balloon game.  You know the one where you have to try to keep it up off the ground for as long as possible!  :)

So there you finally have it....and I will be updating soon again..........
for right now gotta go Jason & I are going out for a few hours :)  You know mostly just doing shopping, but hey, we take any alone time we can get.  Our family can't be a family if mommy & daddy are not on the same page!


  1. so cute...happy 8th bday to your cutie boy...he's now helen's age :) the looks look great and loved the cake, kj

  2. AWESOME CAKE! and yes you need an mantle extension!

    Happy December!

  3. Love the cake!!! Too cool! You look like you have such an awsome funloving family!

  4. My middle son will be 8 in January... so they are close!! That cake is awesome Jason... great job!!
    Have fun on your date!!! It is wonderful to be able to spend a few hours together!

  5. That cake is SO fantastic! Happy Birthday Matthew!

  6. My oldest told me our mantle is full and that mean no more kids! hmmmm

  7. Love it! I love it even more that you can have the sanity to blog about it during all the many days of celebrating you have ahead!

  8. I have an idea/invention... the holiday "expand a mantle" it is an extention bar for stockings for large families. lol could we make any money at this???

  9. Happy birthday to Matthew. :-) Cool cake!

    I love the photos of the tree and of the stockings. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas la la la la ...

  10. you should see litle G dancing to the tunes on your page! What a hoot! Money for pictures??? Awesome cake. Take a peek at the one my dughter made for little Gs birthday last week..... awesome.

  11. Love the cake! That is awesome. Love the cute pictures and the fun and the love in the family. Love that we are alike in so many ways! The dancing and the balloon games are so fun!


  12. What a great birthday!
    I suspect he and my son Keith would get along great (since Keith wants those very items for Christmas)
    The cake is fantastic!
    Happy Birthday to your handsome son!

  13. Happy Birthday Matthew!!!!
    Love that cake!!!

  14. That's awesome! I can't believe your hubby made that cake! ~Maranda

    PS - Your blog won't let me sign in with my wordpress acct for some reason.

  15. Happy Birthday to Matthew! Love the birthday pictures & the decorating pictures. I have to get the kids into decorating this arvo as we always do it the first weekend in December!
    Your hubby is very talented at cake decorating - the racetrack is amazing!
    Have a great weekend

  16. Happy Birthday, Matthew!

    We Love You!!!

    Laurel and the whole gang :)