Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Elizabeth Anne Wright!

 To our Christmas baby girl........who is our little crazy nut!
 Seriously- look at this photo....can you see the energy bouncing off of her?  Yeah, that's our girl!!!!
 She if full on princess and intense at times.  She is cuddly, and loves to be read to.  Elizabeth is full of joy and it is really rare that she isn't smiling.  She is crazy, has the cutest quotes, and can steal your heart in a minute or less!!
 I mean who wouldn't love this beautiful girl???  Elizabeth we got to meet you the day after you were born, but you wouldn't be in our home until 5 1/2 months later.   When you arrived at almost midnight....we were in shock.  You stole our hearts!
 Now as a young girl you are beaming with love.  Praying for God to use you to spread His Love to everyone!  Elizabeth.....meaning consecrated to God- our joyful girl whom we know was a true gift. 
 Tinker bell of course..... :)  Now just to let you know these are no ordinary cupcakes.  They are rice crispie treat cupcakes.  They were YUMMY!!!   Of course made by chef daddy!!
 Even though sometimes we pull our hair out over your exuberance that reveals itself in a lot of ways......we wouldn't have it any other way.  You are our sunshine, our burst of joy!  We thank God for you!
 You love with an open sing with all that you are (and you are good at it) share and give easily. 
 Oh the many cute faces of Elizabeth.....
 In case you are not my facebook friend and didn't read her quote from yesterday....I was tucking her in.  Often I love to tease the kids more growing up.  When I said this to her as I was rocking her she said, "but mommy it is hard to be 4 forever".   Now in our home this is a big thing to turn 5 as well because you no longer have to take get to do the special quiet time rotation.  It was adorable because the other older kids were saying- you are going to love it you get to do computer, write, read, do leap pad, etc. 
That's my girl!!!  We love you sweet Elizabeth Anne!!!!! 

Praying that all of you had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!


  1. Happy birthday Elizabeth!!!
    And a very Merry Christmas to the Wright family!!!

  2. Happy birthday Elizabeth!!! Seriously your mommy and daddy's make the most YUMMY looking things for y'alls birthdays!!! Did Jason make these???

  3. Her smile LIGHTS up her whole face (and, I imagine, a whole room)!! What a beautiful young girl. :)

  4. Happy (late) Birthday and a very Merry (late) Christmas to a truly beautiful girl! Elizabeth, we hope that you LOVE being 5!

  5. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth. :-)

  6. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!! Your smile is contagious! Joy is written all over your face!

    Loved your Christmas card- love your family!!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. As a Christmas baby myself, Elizabeth is so blessed to have a family that has a very special birthday celebration just for her!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Elizabeth! I was reading this post and had to kinda laugh. My youngest daughter's name is Elizabeth Anne also and she will be 4 in a few days. I hope that you had a great birthday and Merry Christmas to all.