Monday, November 29, 2010


OK I was going to do a post yesterday of Matthew's Birthday & putting up the tree.....but after waiting for all the pics to upload while we ate told me I had run out of space?  That my 1G has been used up!???

So I have to figure this out......and well.....if you know me- it is a miracle I have a blog because I have NO real computer knowledge- HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What do I do????????????

Please leave comments or email me- THANKS!!!!!!!!!

Until I can get this figured out- no cute kid pics :(  Sad days............ 

Praying someone much smarter than I can help :)  THANKS!!!!!!

Other than that we are doing great.  Today has been a NUTS day.  Back to school with 8 kiddos, trying to figure out how to get Joanna's SS number to file time.....

This time of year is always crazy on top of the normal crazy......let me explain here
November 8th Abigail's Birthday
November 22nd Joanna's Adoption Day
November 25th Thanksgiving Day
November 27th Matthew's Birthday
December 5th Andrew's Birthday
December 22nd Matthew's Adoption Day
December 25th Elizabeth's Birthday & Christmas
January 1st New Year's (which we do some crazy things this day- actually on the Eve)
January 6th Andrew's Adoption Day
So this all brings a whole new meaning to a busy Holy Days Season- which is why we keep it simple & FUN!

Love to all my patient readers :)


  1. It sounds like your hard drive it full. You can delete stuff or upload her pictures to flicker and then delete some or get an external hard drive to plug into your computer. Hope this helps!

  2. If you're using blogger and you reached your photo storage limit you can upgrade your photo storage here: (You have to be signed into blogger to view.)

    All of blogger's photos you upload are automatically stored here:

    I'm a lurker, I've been reading your blog for awhile, but this is the first time I've commented. :)

  3. I had to purchase more space. It cost me $5 per year. Not sure if that will be enough but I decided to give it a try. It worked- I waited a day to post and then had no problem.

    Lori- suggested decreasing the # of pixels for the future pics you put on your blog. - I don't have clue so I didn't do it but it sounds reasonable for the future. I had no clue it was limited?

    Let us know what you do! Gotta have the pics!!

  4. You can also store your photos for free on Photobucket. Then when you go to upload a picture on blogger just select 'From a URL' and copy the link from It's a little more complicated but it's free. The lowest price on blogger to upgrade your photo storage is $5 a year for 20GB.

  5. I have absolutely no computer knowledge whatsoever, so I'm no help at all. But I will say this - PLEASE DON'T pull your hair out! It is way too pretty! ;)

    And wow! You guys certainly have lots of special days this time of year! And Elizabeth shares a birthday with my husband! Hope you have lots of fun celebrating this month!

  6. Ha! I just had that same thing happen to me too! I bought the storage for $5 and it is working just fine again! I had never heard of this before, so I had to post to tell you go ahead and pay the $5 and get back to blogging!!

  7. Oh Computers - they sure are frustrating! Sorry I can't help,but looks like you have some helpful comments already.
    What a busy time you have - enjoy it & your beautiful family
    God bless

  8. I paid the $5 this year. I'd originally paid for more space but then i closed down my haitian adoption blog and that freed up a ton of space. I had thousands of pictures I'd posted for parents taken on my trips to the orphanage. you could also go back take some pictures off, like that were just random things you posted. I did that too. Sometimes I'd have three pictures of the exact same thing.

  9. this happened to have to pay blogger now to use their takes a day or two..and it is cheap, from what I remember...but then, have space again...blogger charges once you hit their limit of pics :) crazy, huh?? kj

  10. Can't really help on the picture stuff....I use Photobucket as my storage site.

    BUT, if you can't get her SS number in time, you can use an comes fairly quickly and you can find the info here:,,id=96452,00.html

  11. I see it's been answered.
    Use photobucket (free)- and save your hair!!!!