Monday, November 8, 2010

Abigail's Birthday....a new kitten....and prayers please....

 So my heart is bursting with JOY for my Abigail who turned 11 years old today!!!  Happy Birthday Abigail Marie Wright!!!!  I want to take time to share with you who she is.  If you have been in our home any time in the past month or more- you would have known today was her birthday because every day she has been counting down...reminding us about her upcoming birthday and telling us that she is excited about her cheesecake!  She loves:  pink, fluffy things, painting her nails, smelling pretty, wearing skirts, drawing, and doing anything girly!  She has a love in her heart from the Lord and reads her Bible daily- reminds me that I need to do so also.  She has a huge smile!  She loves to share and be generous with what she has. 

 So today her presents- cards, money, a book on how to draw, a whole pack of cotton candy smelling bath salts, oils, and soaps, lip gloss, and of course fingernail polish, as well as a book- Stellaluna.  She loved it.  In fact she loved it so much she took time to write, color, and create a card for Daddy & Mommy!  She is of course a daddy's girl :). 

 Yep, just like daddy- sniffing everything :)  he he he.  I think the thing that I see in Abigail that reminds me of her Heavenly Father is her willingness to do whatever is needed.  When you ask her to help you- she smiles and says- sure....even if it isn't her favorite thing to do.  She can have attitude- can't we all?  But, that really isn't who she is.  She has the most beautiful spirit and I know that is a true gift from God!  Thank You God for our precious gift.  She is such a Blessing!!!!! 
 Here is our crew waiting on the oreo cheesecake!  YUMMY!!!!  My girl has great taste! 

 Can you see the smile?  The excitement!!!!!  She is soo happy for her special day.  That she gets to have a few gifts, spend time with her family, and enjoy some cheesecake. 
 Yep, that's my girl!  She amazes me so much....and we have learned much from her.  We pray that God will continue to grow you Abigail in the way you should go.  To continually Bless you with His Heart for others!
 In other news......our cat Sylvester had to be put to sleep after we came home from our vacation to FL.  It was a very sad day as he was such a great cat.  He had only been with us 5 years....but became very very sick.  Although you wouldn't know it for the most part.  He was in a lot of pain...........
 So we decided to bring another cutie kitten into a loving home- Rascal is his name!  He really just choose us when we went to the cat shelter in town.  He is adorable, has done very well with the kids, and with Teddy our indoor dog.  The kids are really enjoying him!
For your viewing pleasure here is Abigail entertaining Joanna- She loves her very very much!!!!!  Swinging her around on her hip.  I just love that God has blessed us  :)

Prayers Please:

So this morning we got a phone call from my cousin Heidi (remember her recent baby being born- Jessa).....well  her sister Heather passed away this morning.  She had had a heart attack last week, but was getting better and was sent home to rest before doing any other procedures to help her heart.

My crazy red headed cousin was a blast to hang out with, and she had a deep love for children!  Please pray for all the family...including her husband Jackson, mother Jane, brother Ryan, sister Heidi, and all the children because they adored her and are struggling.  As well as the children she nannied for- who of course adored her too.  We will miss her greatly, but know that she is dancing with Jesus!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! You are a beautiful princess!!

    Praying for your family upon the loss of Heather.
    Much love!

  2. Happy birthday, Abigail! Hope you have lots of fun being 11!

    So sorry about the loss of Heather. May God wrap His arms of comfort and strength around your family during this difficult time.

  3. Happy Birthday, Abigail! You are truly a lovely young lady!

    Praying for your family as you celebrate the life of your cousin.

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet Abigail! Wish we were there to give you a BIG HUG!

    So sorry about the death of your cousin. How hard! I will definitely be praying for you and the rest of the family.

    Laurel :)

  5. HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!!!!!!

    I love your new kitty. He looks like a baby version of one of my two kitties. I'm not sure mine is going to last a lot longer : (

  6. Happy Birthday sweet Abigail..... you have a beautiful middle name. Mine, my grandmas, and little G's too.

  7. Happy Birthday Abigail!! Such a beautiful princess! :)
    Will be praying!!

  8. Looks like a fun party!

    we'll be praying for Heidi and her family!

  9. Happy Birthday to your daughter. (And Rascal is way too cute.)

    So sorry for your loss.

  10. Happy Birthday Abigail! She is gorgeous both inside and out! I am praying for your family but thankful that your cousin is in heaven dancing!

  11. Happy Birthday Abby! Will keep your family in my prayers.

  12. The pictures really capture her joy...she is so beautiful.

  13. Oh, sometimes life is bittersweet. Joy and sorrow. Laughter and pain. Gain and loss. But through it all, God is constant. With that knowledge, we have peace. God bless you through this time.

  14. Happy birthday to your precious girl - what a beautiful person she is!
    May God hold you close through your loss.