Sunday, December 27, 2009

One Year Ago- Bringing Jonathan HOME!!!

So we have shared some pics of us bringing Jonathan home, but here are his referral pics.

Can you believe his cuteness???? I mean....look at those eyes!!! And that cute thing with his fingers!
Yep, those are the face photos we fell in love with!!!!
Sqeezable cheeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And here he is year ago.....wobbly was a way to describe his walking, and very thin.
Now watch him run!!!! He loves it, and can walk over 2 miles without complaining.....
He is totally at home here....
This was his first Christmas home with us.....
Need I say more??? I mean.....this little man is all about being cute!!
Here is the presents we whipped out today......(we spread our gifts out so we and the kids enjoy them more!!!!) The kids are all out back staring at NEW BIKES!!
They were sooo excited!!! They have had bikes before, but with one broken, and more kids learning to ride......they couldn't ride at the same time.
They love riding together!! They say- come on....let's all ride around the camp. (This is the greatest for us as Camp Directors :) Seeing them enjoy the camp).
Of course racing is involved when you have boys!!!!
Ready, Set, GO!!!!
We also got training wheels for Sarah on the smaller bike....she is still working on the skill. Of course her posing skills are well- this is our Sarah!!!! Beautiful!!!!

Praying your day is wonderful and you all enjoyed your Christmas time!!!!

We have e-mailed & overnighted some more paperwork to USCIS, and praying we hear back tomorrow would be GREAT!!!! We know God is in CONTROL!!!!! We also know there are sooo many prayer warriors out there & WE APPRECIATE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Love all the pictures.

    Praying all the paperwork has a miraculous speedy angel behind it!!!

    Delighting in Him

  2. What fun! We always spread our presents out over a day or two, as well. Lets them really enjoy each gift.

    Please give all the kids a BIG HUG from ...

    Laurel and the gang :)

  3. Those are adorable referral pictures:) Looks like they love their new bikes!

    I've been thinking about you all weekend and praying that you hear good news on Monday!

  4. What cute pictures! I hope tomorrow is the day for the good news!!!!

  5. Praying you hear REALLY great news in the morning!!!


  6. He is so cute and has grown SO much in the last year!! Praying you hear from USCIS TODAY!

  7. I guess I didn't realize Jonathan had only been home a year. A first Christmas, how wonderful!!!!
    Yes, those referrals pics would have grabbed anyones heart... but God wanted it to be yours! :)

    Praying you hear something soon. "GOD's timing is rarely early, but never late!"

  8. hi. i found your blog through always and forever. i'm also an adoptive parent through foster care. i read through some of your posts and am praying you get to your daughter soon. your kids are adorable! i know what it's like working with the state system but thankfully, have not had too many problems yet. good luck. i hope you don't mind if i follow your journey a little bit.

  9. I just found your blog and I'm praying for you too!
    I'm a new follower of your blog!