Monday, December 7, 2009

London here we come (from Mon/Tues)

So of course these are like normal.......backwards......The above picture was taken from The London Eye- a VERY LARGE ferrise wheel where each pod holds 32 people! The building is a few shops and an aquarium, and offices I believe....right on the river Thames.
This is a view of the British Telecom building.
This is a view of the gurkin (not sure on spelling) building. really fun rounded shape with stripes down the side.
Parliament building (like our congress building).....with the tower that holds Big Ben which is technically not the tower or the clock, but the bell that gongs as the clock chimes.

The pod we were about to get onto......
Closer up view....I think there are over 80 Pods......
Clock tower of the Parliament.....where Big Ben gongs every hour...and there is tune that goes at 15 minutes....a little longer one at 30 past.....a little longer at 45 min....and completely just before the hour.
Our family in London! loads of stares trust me!
All of us staring at the London Eye from the bridge.
Good view of the Clock Tower

Background building is Westminster Abbey Chapel
Different view of Westminster.....

Abigail.....on the very crowded train.......
Jonathan and mommy on the train.....
The kids as we were traveling in the rented 15 passenger to London on Monday.
It is a higher top 15 passenger which is nice, but let me tell you my hat is off to dad for driving this thing, because driving a 15 passenger on US roads, and driving it on little English roads- is a WHOLE OTHER STORY!

I will of course post bunches more pics of London and more of our travels in the upcoming week. With more lovely faces (the kids' of course).

Well, we have our last night here.....we had fish and chips- yes off a newspaper...well newspaper without the print on it. MMMMMMMM......great stuff! Yep, we have it with malt vinegar on it too and so do our kids......we have trained them well.

So tomorrow will be the big flying day- over 10 hours with 7 children - YEAH! Always wanting a challenge.

By the way the last post - a merry go round is a round about in England...and cotton candy is called candy floss here as there are a couple of English words of the day :)

Naomi's court date is December 9th!!!! Almost there baby girl!


  1. Looks like you are having a wonderful time! What a neat opportunity for the kids! We are praying for your family and your upcoming court date! Have a wonderful trip home! Tara

  2. It's been so fun to follow your travels and to see all of the great pictures. That is one crazy ferris wheel. Wow! Never heard of such a thing.

    Our thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow as you all head home. Knowing your family ... you will have fun, despite the long day.

    Praying for your COURT day as well. Yea!

    Big Hugs!

    Laurel & the gang

    PS: Thanks for all of your prayers for us!

  3. What a wonderful trip! Such great memories for the kids! ;o)

  4. How exciting about Naomi's court date!!! Your trip looks fabulous and I know your on cloud nine!

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  6. Fun trip. Praying for Naomi's court date.

  7. Praying for ya'll tonight and hoping to hear some great news soon!

  8. How wonderful to go to London with your family!! Love the pics!! It looks like everyone is having fun!!