Friday, December 4, 2009

Last Saturday- family time :)

OK so this isn't even Saturday, but Sunday...he he he...well after church...where I got to speak about camp & adoption- my 2 favorite subjects!!!! We went to a Christmas carnival thing. Where of course mum & dad bought the kids cotton candy! So pop quiz....what is cotton candy called in England???
And they had reindeer there too and the kids could pet them.
Here is Clive (my brother in love) very sweet, and Elizabeth and he hit it off.
Dad, Ken (his twin brother), and some of the kids...playing Pitureka- HIGHLY recommend this game! It is great for those who can and can't read, a couple of seconds to set up, and keeps them entertained for a long time! YEAH!
Jason & his sister Juliette & her daughter Charlie
Ken and the girls playing...still....

Andrew & Brandon (cousin) playing- well....wrestling! What boys do best :)
Yes, that is Elizabeth....taking pictures of me back- with an old camera that broke, but our kids play with it. Anyone else do that? You know an old cell phone or other bits....they break...we take out the batteries and hand it to our kids. Hey, recycling program!
Look at all of those cute heads....playing....and having fun :)

Went to the park as well....and I am not sure who is having more fun the adults or the kids...hmmmm

Awww...Jonathan.....just soo cute.....
Hey, can see his face in this pic.....OK so another English word.....what do you call a merry go round in England???
Dad & Ken......Yep, they basically share a brain...or at least that is the family joke here:)
The boys, competing to see who can swing the highest....
Daddy & Jonathan on the teeter totter......thingy with springs?
Look at that smile!
There is Charlie working her way along the obstacle course..

Come on Auntie Juliette you can do it....yeah...and I will just sit back and watch you.....and take the pics - he he he he
Uncle Clive pushing the kids.....
There is my cutie face!
That is a cheeky face........hmmm...must run in the family!
Handing out our American/Louisiana goodies.....
Yep, candy is universally a GREAT THING!!!! Especially if it is something you can't get here in the UK.
Jonathan is warming up to Auntie....aww
The kids acting like they have known each other forever....PRICELESS!!!
This is what you call CHAOS! A meal with 16 people...and only a smallish sized kitchen/dining area.....but hey, it worked for us!

Well, last Saturday was great because this is priceless. When you don't get to see relatives for a long time....and you don't know when the next time will be......then you make the most of it! That was our plan....and we are sooo thankful for all of those here who made this possible....and we love our relatives from much!!!

Check back in to see more of London, traveling, and Andrew who turns 8 tomorrow!!!

ONLY 4 ish day until court- December 9th!!!! Can't wait!!!!!! Praying that we will find out great news soon after, but trying not to get my hopes up. What am I saying....I love our Naomi so much it hurts....and there is no way I can not get my hopes up! I want to travel to see her- tomorrow!!!!


  1. Awe, these pictures are great! I am sure you wish family was just down the street, but it is so good of you to go visit them... I am sure they are in heaven with all the kids around!

  2. I LOVE family time! Just love it! Looks like you all were having a great time!!!! :)

    I will be praying for your court date to be a success!

  3. What a cross cultural family. Beautiful to behold! I am so in AWE of the enormity of this travel project you are managing. I'm going to struggle just getting 2 adults and a baby to ET and back. :)

  4. Wishing you get good news in Dec. 9th.
    Beautiful family!!! Blessings to you guys

  5. Lovin, lovin all the great family photos. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the sweet blog comments.

  6. I LOVE it! What a wonderful time together, I love the insight into your beautiful family!

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  8. HI, I found your blog through smiles and trials. I hope you don't mind I peeked and then read and read and read some more. You have a beautiful family. Congratulations on your current adoption of Naomi. I hope you hear good news soon :)
    I would like to post a link on my blog if you don't mind and follow your journey and your family. I enjoy meeting other families that share in the love and understanding of adoption. We have one son adopted from birth and many that have fallen thru. Our last was an adoption in Haiti of three amazing kids. It was so devasting. But we know the Lord has great plans for our family. We are currently working on an adoption for our 2 children from Ghana. These are some fun and exciting times. Although I must admit a bit of a roller coaster too :)