Sunday, December 20, 2009

More on our England trip....

I want to start with the preface that once again my pics are- BACKWARDS! Well, anyway this is at the end of our first day in London- we ended with pizza at Pizza Hut with the cousins & Auntie Juliette, and my husband's uncle......

Here is my father in love- on the right, and his twin brother (stating the obvious I know) on the left. They are hilarious together. We lovingly say that they share a brain.......I am pretty sure it is true! :)
How come no matter what my eyes shut in pics??? Oh well, Jonathan has a cute face....
Juliette & Brandon
Juliette & Charlie awww...
yep, that's Charlie- it totally runs in the family :)
Elizabeth getting attention from Uncle Ken....
Abigail & Charlie- These girls belong together!!! They were born 11 days apart- we actually met Charlie before Abigail. :) They LOVED being together....this is the times you completely wish that England was a few minutes down the road.
The "boys" table :) OK so all of these handsome boys are all within one year of age- yep!!!! Crazy & True!!!!! They also totally enjoyed each other's company :)
Taking the train back...
Awww......look at those smiles even after a long day in London :)

The tube coming into the station......(Tube is the London underground train station)
We are of course at Oxford Circus station......a lot of signs to do with the tube have the red circle with the blue strip across.......signs like Mind The Gap- which means watch your step because there may be a gap between the train and the platform. :)
Here we all are waiting at the tube station
Here- is Hamley's - this was our last stop on the first day of our trip to London. It is a MASSIVE TOY STORE!!!! 6 Floors of total fun!!!! Everything your heart could desire & much much more!!!
Loved the decorations....
That is one huge gingerbread man!
The car section- the kids are all watching the cars that bump and then flip over. It is a great store because they set up displays- for you to play with them! Gotta love being a kid again :)
Yep, our kids checking it out- this is what I call a great play kitchen!!!

All of us......on the top floor looking at all the fun decor in the middle of the store...
Elizabeth really loved this horse - that was realish- eats carrots, moves, etc. so cute :)
Joshua checking out the police cars.....
Andrew loved the "fur real" huge dog that moved etc....

Abigail- like me of course- loved the whole section of horses!!!!!!! This is totally my dream world!

It was of course fun to see the kids' eyes light up at all the different toys! So great to watch their imagination. One of my favorite parts of being a mommy is seeing the hope, belief, and expression on our children's faces. May we all enjoy our special time this time of year with our kids watching for this in our children's eyes!

Praying to hear more from immigration this week- Praying for our approval to be done quickly!


  1. Come on approval!!! I would be hanging out in the kitchen area, loved it!! Merry Christmas you guys!!

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  3. I loved going to Hamley's when I was a kid! I grew up in Liverpool and whenever we went to London we visited Hamley's!!!

    We are praying about that USCIS letter and for little Naomi...hope you hear soon!