Friday, September 18, 2009

We're Going Back, Won't You Come Along With Us?

So ummm... gulp here goes......

There has been for a little while now this button to the know the big obvious one. Here is why it is here. We feel convicted- THERE are OVER 143 MILLION ORPHANS in the world. In Ethiopia alone there are close to 5 million. These are HUGE numbers!!!! To BIG to ignore! See if you look at the picture hard as this may seem to some of you- there is someone missing.....look really hard......she is there in our hearts. In our minds constantly saying- I don't have a mom or dad to look after me- Will you be my mom and dad?

Our reply- YES! Why- because we still have room for one more at our table. We have an abundance of love and hope and enough for another child to live and thrive. We have an abundance of GOD's LOVE to share- to show a child WHO GOD IS.

Saying that, we have saved, scraped by with what we can, and put together all that we can so we can bring our angel home! This is not easy for know we tend to think we can do it all by ourselves, but the truth is - we are a BODY OF CHRIST, and should be thrilled to ask for help along the way. So here is the number we are working on - $15,000......that is after our savings.

Although that seems big, it really isn't when you think of in country care, social workers fees, airline tickets, agency fees, etc. The other issue we are facing is that our little girl has some medical needs.....and we are rushing everything we can to bring her home sooner for this reason. So our adoption will be done and over much much much sooner than we planned. Don't you love it- when "we" planned. So God's plan was a bit different.

So please consider helping us along our journey to bring home another orphan. To make sure that soon she will get to see her mommy & daddy who have been drooling over her pics- to know that she will have a forever home. To know that GOD is watching over this precious child.

Thank you for your gifts of prayers and money that you feel called to give. We appreciate and cherish them all!!!!

In God's Unfailing Love,
Jason, Dawn, Abigail, Andrew, Matthew, Sarah,
Elizabeth, Jonathan, & soon our Naomi- coming home from Ethiopia :)


  1. Praying for your family and this precious baby girl!!

  2. praise happy for you guys, kristi

  3. OH I am praying she gets to come home soon! Her mommy and daddy need to hold her.

  4. I think what you are doing is amazing.God bless your entire family. Even though I am unable to offer money, if you need girl clothes or anything else I would love to provide it to you.

  5. I love your family picture! God will provide for the orphan who is so much a part of His heart! May God bless you in your journey to bring little Naomi home!