Saturday, September 5, 2009

Weekend hang out, and If Only?

Ok my pics are out of would think I would have the hang of this by now, but hey. Oh well... here is Abigail- being Mr. Wolf....evidently scaring daddy!
What's the time Mr. Wolf........Or Ms. Wolf in this case.......
3 O'Clock- ok- 1, 2, 3...........
Hanging out under the high ropes area at camp.....Love that there are sooo many trees everywhere- well except when it is hurricane time.....then- not so much!
Eating our hotdogs & smores!
Oh yeah....this is licorice our dog- don't know if you remember our first pics of her- when she was 3 1/2 lbs, but now she is 15-20!!!!! Growing bigger all the time. She is still only 5 months....
Love the way Jonathan is looking at daddy eat his smore......cute!
Joshua- it is that cute smile that captured my heart the first time we met!
????How do you delete pics if you accidentally put them in twice....I tried, and thought I knew, but evidently not? Sorry.
Love the smell of camp fire!!!! Notice the swimsuit attire- we went swimming right afterwards.

Oh yeah, this handsome man- well after all my pic was on the last post...and as I was trying to post his- blogger wouldn't let me?

So our devotionals yesterday was called- If Only..........
Based on the idea that if only...........we were better at basketball, could play the piano like?, could sing like?, had enough money for our next adoption, could afford to buy a better home, could afford to get our kids more stuff, could have a car that was more dependable, could get further ahead on the laundry, could be more organized, could have the gift of discernment, could be more like them, could have that kind of life, ...........................................................................

Romans 8:28 "And we know that in ALL THINGS God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose."

Put away those dangerous words and listen - very carefully to what God is telling you to do. Don't play the game- if only........ It is a time waster, a defeater, a disease that can take over your life! Give all that you have to HIM and let HIM work ALL THINGS- it's His job not yours.

Just give what you have, and let Him give you all you need. Peace, Love, Joy, Blessings, the strength to go on one more day, the desire to do all you can, the grace to let it go, the desire to follow His Will...........

Have a Blessed Labor Day Weekend!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Our kids all agree ... let's add LA to our Road Trip. :)

    I'm working out all the dates, so should be able to get back to you with a timeline in the next couple of days.

    Look forward to meeting your wonderful family!


  2. Ok, so my toes have been stepped on...they needed it!

  3. That looks like so much fun! Your family is too precious!!

  4. loved this devotional thought---sooooo apt.

    Thanks for your comment over at my place today--I loved it! I had the honor of serving as 'adoption doula', if you will, to a precious friend of mine who adopted two little boys from Russia. The eighteen months that it took to see those little guys safely 'delivered' into my friend's arms was absolutely a roller coaster. Watching my friend labor in prayer and hope for these little boys, watching her think they were getting close to everything being finalized, watching the Russian government change the rules at the last minute, watching her finally meet the boys, then have to leave them again for three months....all I can say is 'wow'. She absolutely labored mightily to bring these children into her family. What an honor to witness it, what a miracle of birth. How mighty is the God who was willing to labor in the same way to adopt us into His family...


  5. Wow...did I ever need to hear that one.
    I need to get that printed on a t-shirt.

    Amy in Alabama